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Yumina the Ethereal voice actress question.

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I've been playing Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai and didn't know till recently that the voice actress for Christine is Itou, Shizuka. Who did the voice of Haruka in "Amagami SS" and Kozue, Takanashi in "Working!!" Itou I think has one of the most adorable voices and it was surprising (and arousing) knowing she played a masochist, anal loving character like Chris in MajiKoi. It made me wonder what other eroges she could be in and then I realized that the blonde, strict, student council president in "Yumina The Ethereal" sounded a lot like Itou. So I tried to find out if this was true and couldn't get any answers anywhere. I tried checking the op for Yumina but most of the text is kanji. Anyone know if she is in Yumina?

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