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Searching for Staff and Looking for Ideas


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Hello guys. Lately I've been playing some VN's and one of those caught My Eye. It's a series, called Tiny Dungeon (Don't know if you knew about it already) I was looking for a way to TL the game, but I need a hacker to do so. I'm not that good with that stuff, but in sure I can be a Proofreader, and also a Translator, since I've been playing it Thoroughly in Japanese.

This is all for one reason. I'm Trying to get some people for a Project in which we get ourselves a Fan translation Group, oriented to TL games which are a Must in Fuwanovel's database, and also to make a Vlog (Which I'm willing to do myself on YT) where we Review the games we think are good enough or are going to be on Fuwanovel.

I'd like to find some hackers, editors and if we found a bunch of translators we can do more jobs, if not, i can do one game by myself, so.... Yup, I think That's all.

PS: If You Are interested in share some Ideas for the YT channel, Be welcome to post it, I'm willing to hear you out and if it's good i'll give you credits for your awesome idea ^^

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Wait..... Seriously!? Well... wow, i thought I would have more time to prepare myself........ o.oU To be honest I've played the 4 games and the first One around 3 Times (So I'm sure I'm not wrong in the way I TL things) And I Only Have Some few Lines for the Start of the Game TL'ed ^^UUU

I've never done it before because I had no time, and also I Didn't know how to get the Text And IMG's out to start working (I need the script to work on the Tl, It helps me because I'm a little bit disorganized)

Like I Said before, It's an idea that came to myself now that I have time up my sleeve, so I must say this is Going to be a 0 Start, so yeah, let's start with getting the script and also, I'll make a Wiki, so we can work through it.

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I already had some of the first game translated... I have it in Dropbox, but I haven't had that much free time (relatively speaking) over the past few months, so I hadn't gotten around to doing much work on it. Get on Fuwanovel's irc channel on Rizon and pm me if you want to talk further.

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