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I wish I could think of a better title :<

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thanks for the welcomes guys! i shall stay forever.................... (@ ‿ @)

I'll write down all of these rec's, so thanks for those too



Welcome to the forums! Those faces you use are actually so funny, rofl.

lol thank you, i try :>


You know, I'm running out of facepalm gifs. Also, it's Mariana Trench.


To Psycho:

I apologize for nearly derailing this topic. Don't worry, most of the fuwanovel populous aren't generally like this. Fun fact; 'monmon' means 'dysfunctional' in ancient latin.


EDIT: HAH!! I editted that dysfunctional! Mon has nothing against me now!


no, it's fine! in fact, i'd feel more comfortable with a bit of disorganization


you could even say i...........


NEED IT (」゚ペ)」


to Psycho:

i'm sorry Dim being a tsun...oh n its dysfunctional.

tsun's are so adorbs though (ノ´∀`)

so it's fine


Welcome to the forums! The power that emits from your intro is great indeed.

t-that was my intention, r-rumble-senpai.....

i am glad that you acknowledged it and noticed me

lol thanks for the welcome.



that is one extremely kawaii girl aaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Welcome to the party psycho! :D it's always wonderful to have one around. I have a friend like that. Haha when he gets into something he really enjoys he can literally hold a conversation by himself.

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Welcome to the forums! Making titles is hard sometimes ;_; but, enjoy your stay!

Hiya~ Nice to meet you!


hai hai, nice to meet you guys as well, thanks for the welcomes :>


Cute is justice!


or as i like to say, only kool kats krave kawaii kyuuties


i totally live for cute anime girls (ノ´∀`)

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