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Game's installation directory

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I just recently downloaded a patch to a game and the instructions tell me this 

Installation instructions
 1. Copy patch files into game installation directory.
 2. Run apply_diffs.bat
Now my question how do I find the games installation directory ? :unsure:
I know this is dumb But I lack experience at this. 
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For example


Imagine you install the game in C:\Program Files (a common directory for installing most software)

After the game is done installing you'll have a new folder there called "IF MY HEART HAD WINGS"

That new folder is the game's installation directory and that's the folder you'll move the patch files into.


I'd personally suggest you install it somewhere other than the Programs folder though because the .bat file might run into problems when running in it.

You can create a folder wherever you want to install the game and when you run the installation .exe just select that folder to install the game in and once it's done move all the patch files into it and run apply_diffs.bat

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