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Great Game Music

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What are your favorite game (non-VN) soundtracks?  What broke your heart, or uplifted your spirits after a horrific scene?  What scared the beejeebus out of you, for that matter?  A good game story is as much the sum of its music as it is that of its dialog or visuals.





I remember how this one gave me delicious chills when I first encountered it, haha.




Magus' theme, of course... and just imagine... they had virtually nothing to work with when they made this music, hahaha.



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A few more.





For some reason they totally screwed this up in Episode 2... one of the eeriest themes in the game.


Also, in my opinion, Nier and Chrono Cross have the best rpg music of all time, regardless of era, limitations, etc.

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I've played a lot of games over the years. The songs that got stuck the most I suppose is the ones of my childhood.



Every song in Zelda has a emotional meaning for me. Additonally, imo they are quite well done.

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Pretty much exactly like Bolverk said, the ones that stick out to me the most are the ones I played as a child.



This ones pretty long but pretty much all of the overworld themes in Zelda were great.



....And time to go play some Zelda now.

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Wild Arms







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A couple from my top favourite games


Radiant historia



Hexyz Force




Its good to share favourite musics,but only those who played the games can understand how awesome they are

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I find it funny that one of my least favorite characters has one of the most epic boss themes.






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So, I'd say the Kirby games have my favorite music of any game franchise ever. And I originally wasn't going to post in this thread, simply because there's too much video game music I want to share, so I figured I'd just post some of my favorite Kirby tracks.












Also I realized when I was making this post that Kirby's Epic Yarn has pretty much the greatest music ever, so I'll just link to a playlist (click here). Enjoy.

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