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The Fuwa shipping thread

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Yes it's exactly what you think (probably).


After the beautiful display of affection in the appreciation inception thread by some members I thought about how many shippings you can make with fuwa members and what other shippings do other members (may) have.


So what 2 (or more?) users on fuwa do you think suit each other. Or that you just personally ship together. Hypothetically of course  ;)


For anyone not familiar with what shipping is, here's a brief explanation

Verb: To Ship

Meaning: To endorse a romantic relationship (usually non canon, though not mandatory).

Eg: I ship Character X / Character Y



Let's see how much non canon love does fuwa get.


PS: This is not meant to offend anyone so please don't take it too seriously.

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Steve and Nosebleed for much loli.

Batman and Snowtsuku- best pair ever. Just imagine the flames.

Archer x Stanleys for massive forum things.

kuky and rainheaven could work. Maybe.

Boomer and Steve for tl combo.

....Boomer really could be shipped with anyone, I guess.

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Zuzu left the building qq...


Hmm, this hanako person is interesting though. Admittedly if we picked ships purely from mutual appreciation of Yuri, I'd likely be on Lewy's route...


God, what a mess Lewy's route would be.

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So you're admitting that it's official then?

They didn't really need to admit it. It was written in the fuwa stone tablets that have all the 10 commitments of fuwanovel (they exist.. somewhere....)


Also shipping doesn't exactly have to be 100% non canon. You can endorse a canon relationship a lot and that would still be shipping.

But I assumed no one here really had that type of relationship so I just put non canon which is usually the general rule. I guess I'll remove that part just to avoid confusion

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