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If that is what you want, that is what you shall get.


But be prepared for this.


So it's just Krill, suikashoujo, and chocolat... hehehe... good.


I'll post the final topic tomorrow night since I wasn't expecting it so soon. you'll get 2 weeks to do it since it will be a much more difficult task than the previous ones.

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cuzz rena is amazingly cute 

This man speaks the truth!


Anyway, time for the final round.


Since Mellow likes to torture people, this round will be two topics.


1. Draw me a picture of the best girl. (no hints will be given)


2. Draw me a picture of what you believe the other contestants look like, as well as what you believe Mellow looks like.


Before anyone asks, nobody will be counted down if they somehow don't know who best girl is.


Also since Mellow is feeling generous, here is a little something to motivate you three. I know it motivates me.





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Fate/ and melty blood collaborated!?

Cant wait till im famous enough for melty to collaborate with me :_;

Uh, they are both made by Type Moon, so it's not really a collaboration. Melty Blood is an awesome game though. I'm looking forward to the release of Under Night in Birth since French Bread announced the localization.


Also, i'll probably post some more music here in the next two weeks so I have something to listen to while reading through the posts. You are all welcome to join as long as it doesn't get out of hand.

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