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1914: The Great War [End]

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Guten Tag!
                 Due to circumstances, I am unable to upload any image on the internet. It is most likely due to the EKO Cobra infiltrating my systems in an attempt to capture me for crimes of conspiracy and treason.

 Any updates will have to wait until tomorrow. I apologise for any inconvenience.

~Aniki, Swiss War Overseer


Nan demo nai.

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The Russian Empire continues with the invasion of Sweden.

6 + 124/10 = 6 + 12 = 18/4 = 6

Russia has 130. Sweden has 38.


< the ottomans attack Bulgaria. post="91701 >

1 + 59/10 = 1 + 5 = 6

Ottomans have 64. Bulgaria has 6.



The Greater German Empire attacks Serbia.

For the Kaiser!!

I shall follow my husband Para-chan!!  :wub:

The Greater German Empire attacks Serbia... again \(°O°)/

The German Unification is still interfering with internal affairs. You may not attack until the next day.


Your last attack post:

The German Reich attacks France with it's full force.

You unified the nation shortly after, which counts as an attack.



"The King wishes to continue his fight for Britain. The Holy Alliance will stop the French conquest"

7 + 33/10 = 7 + 3 = 10

Britain has 43. France has 134.


French forces shall invade the area of Germany near Belgium and Switzerland.
5 + 134/10 = 5 + 13 = 18. Maximum of 12.
France has 146. Germany has 194.

The battle goes on.
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soldier:sire! what shall be our next move?


satoshi: we shall continue to take back our territories and make those frenchmen pay!!!!

soldier:o-ok sire!! we shall send our troops at once!!!!


satoshi: give them this note!!

-spain attacks ugly french on the Iberia peninsula-


btw,the note says:

   dear ugly frenchmen,

                   I hope you'll regret taking me and my allies territories and I shall attack for God and the alliance!

so,surrender and we will spare your ugly fellow french people~






(roleplay! XD  )

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Vaasa, Temporary military headquarters in the Swedish County of Finlandia

Temporary Command


September 1914


*An aide walks into the room, only to find the commander on-site leaning over a desk carrying a large amount of documents. Maps, reports, radio transcripts... Every kind of document concerning the war.*


Aide: Sir?


*The commander reacts to the voice, and looks up*


SC Katatsumuri: What is it, Erik?


*Artillery is heard in the distance, reminding everyone how close the war actually is*


Erik: Most of the third army has been assembled, and preparations are ready for another attack. 


SC Katatsumuri: And what of the first and second army under commander Ohiowar?


*Erik looks around the room with a concerned look*


Erik: They are still assembling, but they should be ready to strike soon. What are your orders?


SC Katatsumuri: ...


Erik: Commander?


SC Katatsumuri: Don't you find it peculiar?


*Erik looks at the commander in confusion upon hearing this unexpected question. But before he can inquire further, a thunderous roar is heard as the building shakes.*


SC Katatsumuri: Don't mind it. We're merely utilizing a very large piece of artillery we are testing for our German allies... Anyways, look at this photograph.


*He shows the aide a colored photograph of a man stepping out of a horse-drawn carriage, and a blueprint of something resembling a metal box with treads.*


Erik: What is this? And why is the photograph... in color?


SC Katatsumuri: It's the result of Scientific progress. Marvelous, isn't it? Anyways, this man is supposedly the supreme leader of Russia. He arrived a few days before Russia attacked us. Don't you find it convenient that as soon as we start showing signs of becoming part of the Holy alliance, Russia attacks? He obviously has some connection with France, or maybe Serbia. But France seems more likely.


Erik: That... That might be true. And the strange blueprint?


SC Katatsumuri: Spies acquired this in Paris, and it supposedly details some kind of French "wonder-weapon".


*Erik looks at the blueprint while raising an eyebrow.*


Erik: Doesn't look very strong...


SC Katatsumuri: But what if it is!? The French could be mass-producing these as we speak! Erik, take the blueprint and these instructions to Stockholm and see if we can build something similar. Speed is of the essence. Now GO!


*Erik leaves the room, almost tripping when the artillery fires, once again causing the entire building to shake. Katatsumuri looks at it with a bemused look, before turning to his radio.*


SC Katatsumuri: Tell the third army to begin their attack against the russian forces. Recapture lost territory, then begin to attack southward. We need to deny them access to the Baltic sea...


I'm having waaaay too much fun with this...


 Sweden attacks Russia with the intent of reclaiming lost territory and take the russian territories around the Baltic sea 

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ok well, i Thought isntead of Redoing my previous post, i shall just go ahead of my next one when the time is right, WHe nyou two wanted to attack me, i was going " oh shit! oh shit!, No no no.." I actually thought i was a going to die haha..Well we will devise a strategy at once TURIA !!

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6 + 124/10 = 6 + 12 = 18/4 = 6

Russia has 130. Sweden has 38.

I question your mathematical ability, sir. 


18/4 = 4.5

Even if you round that up, there's no way you get 6. (And the rules state it should be rounded down)


A country with 40 territories and one with 38 can have varying results when attacking, because 40/10= 4 and 38/10= 3. It would be unfair for Sweden to let this pass.


(And it definitely has nothing to do with the Swedish being part of the Holy Alliance)




Regarding different matters, the country has decided that official reports of the countries affairs shall be released to the public, as per request of Field Marshal Tiago Varela.

As such, expect to receive a bunch of reports during my next move.


(Basically, the role-play I've been too shy to show up until now will come on my next move :P)

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General Aldred reporting in. Following the successful fronts against the despicable Germans, General Aldred rallies his troops to conquer a new threat! The Holy Alliance shall feel the full wrath of the French! Onward to Spain my troops! Leave no survivors! 


France begins it's merciless attack on Spain once again.

5+146/10=19=12 territories captured.

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I question your mathematical ability, sir. 


18/4 = 4.5

Even if you round that up, there's no way you get 6. (And the rules state it should be rounded down)


A country with 40 territories and one with 38 can have varying results when attacking, because 40/10= 4 and 38/10= 3. It would be unfair for Sweden to let this pass.

Ah, gomen. I stayed up late just to make that last update...


6 + 124/10 = 6 + 12 = 18/4 = 6

Russia has 130. Sweden has 38.

First, we shall fix this error. I apologise for this mathematical error. It is definitely not an attempt to let Russia win. I'm German believe me. Well, quarter German that is.

6 + 124/10 = 6 + 12 = 18/4 = 4

Russia has 128. Sweden has 40.


dear ugly frenchmen,

                   I hope you'll regret taking me and my allies territories and I shall attack for God and the alliance!

so,surrender and we will spare your ugly fellow french people~

The French are more attractive than the Spaniards (according to survey results).

0 + 20/10 = 2

France has 144. Spain has 22.



Down with Russia I attack Russia

0 + 40/10 = 4

Sweden has 44. Russia has 124.


General Aldred reporting in. Following the successful fronts against the despicable Germans, General Aldred rallies his troops to conquer a new threat! The Holy Alliance shall feel the full wrath of the French! Onward to Spain my troops! Leave no survivors! 


France begins it's merciless attack on Spain once again.

5+146/10=19=12 territories captured.

France has 156. Spain has 10.

The war goes on.


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Now, for some roleplaying:

9 October 1914

In a trench between Groesbeek, Netherlands and Kranenburg, Germany


Jean, Aniki's most loyal lieutenant, was driving Aniki's car towards the front lines in the Netherlands. Aniki and all her troops were stationed in the trenches which had been built only a few months ago. Jean had a very shocked look on his face, as if Aniki's plans for her machine had been stolen.


Aniki was looking through her binoculars, while her troops were aiming their rifles. Aniki and her troops were playing a game. She would look for Germans in the other trenches, and her troops would try and shoot the spike on their Pickelhaube. This annoyed the Germans, to the amusement of the French.


Jean quickly jumped into the trenches, almost getting hit by shrapnel and mortar fire. He interrupted Aniki's game with very bad news.


"Commandant! Je suis désolé! It happened! I'm so sorry, Commandant!" Jean said, tears running down his face.


"What's the matter, Jean? What happened?" Aniki said calmly. She was still looking through her binoculars.


"The plans! They've been stolen by spies! They stole it! Pardonnez-moi, Commandant!"


After hearing those words, Aniki gave her binoculars to the soldier next to her, and looked at Jean. Her face had the same emotion as always, emotionless. Jean was very anxious as Aniki grabbed him by the collar and went in a secret room within the trench. In that room, absolutely no one could hear them talk.


Jean was almost about to faint. He was sweating like a pig about to become slaughtered. Aniki asked him to sit, and he did. He was trembling in fear. Aniki took the pistol from her coat.


"Please, Commandant! Don't kill me! I still have so much to live for!"


"Calm down, Jean. I'm not going to kill you."


"Please! Do not torture me with that pistol! I cannot withstand pain!"


"Calm down... I'm not going to-"


"Please! I've already wet my pants! Don't do-"


Jean's plead for mercy was interrupted as Aniki knocked the handle of the pistol on his head. It was light enough to leave him uninjured, but it was strong enough to cause him pain. Aniki's face changed from emotionless to slightly annoyed. 


"You did what was according to plan. Gaston was a spy."


"He- he was a spy?"


"Ja. Before the war he was in Germany, with me. We were planning on assassinating the Kaiser, but he disappeared along with half of our allies. They betrayed us."


"Then- why didn't he recognise you? And why does it seem you didn't know him?"


"First, he believed the Kaiser did something to my brain and removed my memories. Second, I am always emotionless. No one can tell if I am angry or calm, happy or sad. No one can tell."


"No one?"


"Well, there is one person who can- but she is safe in Switzerland."


"Then, what was in that paper you drew?"


"What I drew? A tractor with a mortar on it."


"C'est quoi ce bordel! I thought it was some sort of futuristic technology!"


"I have already given the real plans to an undisclosed location. They are building it as we speak. No one knows the location except me and the ones who are building it."


"Where is it?"


"It is deep in France. Not even the emperor knows where it is. Not even Maefdomn. Not even Aldred. No one knows except me."


"I see. Now, what shall we do?"


Aniki pondered for a moment. Jean started drinking some coffee which was found on the table of the secret room. After a while, Aniki had an idea.


"Shall we pay a visit to our Russian allies?"


Jean was surprised at what Aniki said. Russia is all the way to Eastern Europe. How could they possibly arrive there without getting killed?


"We shall fly there from the United States. They are friendly to the French, but are neutral. We can fly there and arrive in Siberia where we can take the train from Vladivostok."


Jean was drinking his cup of coffee. Aniki stared at him for a while.


"Ah! Oui! I agree with you!"


Aniki was still looking at him. He wondered what he was supposed to do. After a few moments, Aniki pointed at the empty flask that held the coffee before Jean drank it all.


"Der Kaffee... ist mein..."

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May I remind you that you forgot to count my attack in the previous move?

Well, I apologise for that. 

 Sweden attacks Russia with the intent of reclaiming lost territory and take the russian territories around the Baltic sea 

5 + 40/10 = 5 + 4 = 9

Russia has 115. Sweden has 49.


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France attacks the remaining Spanish territory, making it entirely French and winning a new general.

With my remaining points it'll take what i can from portugal.

Territories taken from spain : 9

Territories taken from portugal : 3

France has 168. Portugal has 9.



i continue to advance towards rome.

france attacks italy.

What are you doing? The Italians did nothing to us! (But of course, capturing Rome, once the greatest city of Europe, has its prestige) 

France has 180. Italy has 20.


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 Merely Roleplay 


Helsinki. Provincial capital of the County of Finlandia.


Oktober 1914


*The field has become soggy and muddy because of the rain. But that doesn't seem to bother any of the onlookers. Instead, they are focused on the vehicle desperately trying to climb a steep and muddy hill. One of the Aides walks up to the Commander overseeing the testing of what is supposed to be a new weapon of war. He nods in acknowledgement to the aide holding a large Umbrella, before he opens his mouth.*


Erik: Sir?


*The Commander Turns*


SC Katatsumuri: What is it?


*The commander is given a report. A quick look at it confirms that it only concerns logistics*


SC Katatsumuri: Thank you Erik... Now, do you remember the blueprint I asked you to deliver last month? 


Erik: Yes. It was supposed to detail some kind of French "wonder weapon" right?


SC Katatsumuri: Both yes, and no. You see, when it became apparent that such a vehicle would not be practical, I decided to make a few "modifications" to the original design. The concept is brilliant, only that the blueprint we received might have been a diversion, or the Frenchman who wrote it did not have trench warfare in mind. It's simply too impractical. I then gave the blueprint to a hand-picked group, consisting of members from the Royal Academy of Science, and some trusted men from the Navy. I expect to see their version of an AFV in a month...


Erik: ...AFV?


SC Katatsumuri: Armored Fighting Vehicle. But I expect that there will be a new name for it among the soldiers...


Erik: And what of this design?


*This time the Aide holding the Umbrella answers the question*


Female Aide: The Commander gave the design more Armour, strengthened it's internal and external parts to make a breakdown less likely, replaced the mortar with two machine-guns, and gave it a better and stronger engine.


SC Katatsumuri: Thank you, Hannah... But despite my modifications, this weapon would be less useful on the western front. But against the more disorganized Russians, The weapon will be more efficient, and will serve as a stepping stone for more advanced AFVs that will probably arrive next month... Now-


*Before he can continue speaking, another Aide runs up to him, gives him a report, and then leaves the place. The commander throws a quick look at the report, before his expression turns grim.*


SC Katatsumuri: We have lost Spain to the French... Hannah, Convene the other commanders for an emergency meeting. Go!


Hannah: Yes, Sir!!


*Hannah starts running towards one of the cars*


SC Katatsumuri: Erik, send this message on an encrypted channel to the other members of the Alliance. Now!


Erik: Sir, yes, sir!!


*Erik runs towards one of the other cars. The commander turns away, and keeps watching the test of the first generation of AFVs...*

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October 27, 1914
New York City, United States
New York was soaked as rain fell from the dark skies. Just a few days ago, the Transatlantic Flight F-505 which boarded the German revolutionary general, Aniki, and French lieutenant, Jean, arrived in Albany. The two made their way to the city in Aniki's new car, which had been stolen from a Dutch store.
The two had arrived in a moderately-sized bar in Manhattan. It was owned by Jean's father, Frank. He was formerly a general of the French army. Jean had entered the bar, leaving Aniki in the car.
Jean had walked to the counter. He sat between what appeared to be two well-dressed businessmen, except they didn't act like businessmen at all.


"What would you like, young gentleman?" the bartender asked to Jean.


Jean recognised it as his father's voice, but Frank did not realise it was Jean. Jean's cap was blocking any view on his eyes.

"Père... c'est Jean."


Frank had dropped the bottle he was holding. He immediately took out a shotgun which was under the counter. He pumped it and aimed it at Jean. Most of the customers were shocked, and ran out. There were some who stayed, but looked at them with suspicious looks.

"Mensonges! Jean est mort! Vous êtes un imposteur! Qui êtes-vous? Parl-"


"Père! C'est moi! Croyez-moi!"


Frank was reluctant to pull the trigger. Jean was speaking bravely, but in truth, he was filled with fear. He knew his father believed their family was executed after he escaped to the United States. Jean knew what his father did, and where he was, but Frank did not know anything about Jean and the rest of his family.
All of a sudden, the men in suits who stayed walked towards the two. They were armed with guns-two with Tommy guns, and one with a revolver. They were all aiming at Frank and Jean. Upon realising this, Frank had dropped his gun and raised his hands in the air.

"Well... well... well... Frankie. It seems your debt is overdue." said the man holding the revolver.


The man holding the revolver had an arrogant look on his face. Frank had his eyes wide open, and was shivering in fear.

"Ah! Tony! Look, I'm sorry for the delay! I'll give it to the don once I-"


The man- Tony- fired his gun at Frank. Frank was able to move at the right time, and avoided a fatal blow to his chest. The bullet hit several bottles, and liquor spilled everywhere.

"Please! I promise! I'll bring you the mone-" 


"Sorry, pal. It's the Don's orders. I gotta go kill another scum like you, so I'll leave you to my friends here. Let it rip, boys."


Tony told them to fire, but nothing happened.

"Hey, retards," Tony said, while turning around."I said fi-GAH"


A bullet passed through Tony's chest. Tony's body fell to the floor. Jean and Frank had been saved by a figure in the shadows. The figure moved towards Jean and Frank.
The figure was Aniki. She was wearing her usual unbuttoned trench coat, along with a matching fedora. Jean felt relief, while Frank still had a frightened expression on his face.

"It's been a while, hasn't it, Frank?"


"Wait- you know my father?" Jean asked.


"Heh... well if it isn't the commandant..." said Frank with a very anxious undertone.


December 25, 1910
Berlin, Germany

There was chaos around the Reich Chancellery. Multiple assassins known as the "German Revolutionary Movement" were being chased by the army as their attempt to assassinate the Kaiser failed.
The remaining assassins were being chased around Berlin in horses. One of the assassins being chased was Aniki, who was already infamous for multiple crimes against Germany.

"It's no use, komendant! What are your plans?!" screamed an assassin. He had a very strong Polish accent.


"Komandir, we're going to die if we keep this up!" shouted another assassin with a deep Russian accent.


"Commandant, you idiot! Do something for- Merde! That almost hit me!" said the assassin who was almost shot. He spoke with a French undertone.


"Well... we'll simply have to-"


Before Aniki could finish her statement, she was shot in the back by a German soldier. She fell from her horse, and the other assassins stopped their horses. The Polish man ran from his horse to save Aniki. The Russian also dismounted her horse, but starting firing at the Germans. The Frenchman stayed on his horse.


"What are you doing? Artur! Faina! It's not worth it!" 


"Shut up, Frank! You've done nothing but bring us harm! You only think about yourself!"


The Frenchman- Frank- quickly escaped from the Germans. Artur, the Polish, tried to carry Aniki, but was shot dead by the Germans. The Russian, Faina, was also shot dead. The soldiers took Aniki's dying body, as well as the dead bodies of Faina and Artur.


Months later, Aniki had been exiled from Germany for treason and conspiracy. The other assassins were either killed, or escaped.

October 28, 1914

New York City, United States


"Look, Commandant, I escaped because I had to! It was a matter of life and death!"


"Of course you did, but you let our comrades die... Which is why... you have to pay the price..."


Aniki grabbed Frank by the collar and brought the gun closer to his chest.


"No! Commandant! We mustn't kill my father!" Jean argued.


"If I must die... then so shall it be. Fire your gun, Commandant."


Aniki let out a deep sigh, and smacked Frank in the chest with her pistol.


"I need you to do me a favour."


"Wha... What favour?"


"You see, I have left my station open back in France. You must return and stabilise the German front."




That was right. Aniki had left the German front commanderless to arrive here in the United States. Aniki had arrived in New York to find Frank, one of the greatest generals of France.


"You shall return to France. Avenge Faina and Artur by destroying the German empire."

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[Mashir Hikawa awaits her orders from the king while drinking coffee through a straw connected to the respirator of her gas mask]
[messenger arrives exhasted carrying a bloody fire ax and a satchel]
messenger: " Mashir i bring update orders from the king, he says they are of utmost importance."
Mashir Hikawa: " {shunko!} ... took you long enough to get here i was expecting you hours ago what was the reason for your delay? if its not a good enough reason you will be disciplined!"
messenger: "sorry Mashir i was attacked 3 separate times on the way here by some female admirers within our own troops. they just kept trying to kill me and one said she was going to become one with me by eating me"
Mashir Hikawa: " oh i see, ahh to be young. i remember when i was as popular with the boys. well i accept your excuse your punishment will be light only a sand paper and lemon juice bath , now hand over my missive"
[the messenger hands the satchel to Renko, she opens it and looks at the papers inside"
Mashir Hikawa: 'kukuku! {foosh!,foosh!} i see its just drawings of multiple ways he wants to play with the Frenches German exile , there's even  barbed wire one of his signatures he must really like this one. and even designs for a dress made of chains and razor blades with the title wedding gown over it, seems the only thing here is orders to continue our assault on the Balkans till he orders us to attack Germany"
[mashir orders the messenger to be taken to the discipline tent to await her and orders her men to continue the assault on Bulgaria]
the ottomans continue the assault on Bulgaria!
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Dairy Entry #82

Today is: November 3, 1914 18:00

Near: Bologna, Italy


Yesterday we conquered Rome we lost 5% of our forces.
The losses were acceptable and minor.
I have started to grow more and more suspicious of the locals and so have my men.

Every night we are losing equipment or men either deserting or killed.
All we can do is retaliate BURN DOWN SOME REBEL VILLAGES execute the former Leaders of the Country.
But it is never enough they always come back with someone help.
but never enough help...

Every time they deceive and betray is there no justice or righteousness anymore in these lands has everyone been forsaken?.

How long will it take until we can justify our cause to them and to ourself and how long can we hold.

How long will i be able to hold it out?

When will the end of this war Near?

But the Campaign is no wear near over

it will last until our last breaths.


End Of Dairy Entry #82

General Jeftai Of The Libaration Army Of France

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soldier: sir,now you now one of the french generals,what's your next order?






satoshi: ......................attack the greater german empire....................now.................................. :mellow:


soldier: are you all right sir?


satoshi: .......................oh.............don't worry...............................


-the france will now attack the greater german empire-


sorry fellow members of the holy alliance...............................I must do this  :(



EDIT:edited XD




(roleplay XD )

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  The Chapel was empty. Perfect. I wouldn't want anyone to see how weak their Tsar was. I was a fearless leader who would so anything to win, at least in their eyes. What was I doing, leading this poor country into a war like this. Not only that, we were losing land, and fast. My best generals and advisors, many killed in action, and one fell by my hand. I knelt before the altar, praying. Praying for the for the lives lost, that they may find peace. Praying for my people that they may lead better lives. Praying, for my sins, the ones I have committed, and those yet to come, that they may be forgiven. Though I know that what waits for me at the end is not salvation, but instead damnation. That much is inevitable. 


  "Bless me father, for I have sinned." The confession chamber was quiet, and the priest that lay behind those blinds strained closer to hear my confession. "Father, I have led men to their deaths, I have lied and mislead people into their own doom. Father, I... I have killed a man by my own hand." It was then the tears started flowing, my conscience could only handle so much after all, and it was best to just let it all out.


"Worry not my lost lamb, The Lord will absolve you for your sins, his mercy will save you. For he knows you did it not of your own free will. Rest in peace my lost lamb, all is not lost. Believe in the Lord, and he will deliver. Go now, and do what you must, and remember, God is always with you. As for your contrition you must..."


I left the chapel, finally feeling as if a burden has been lifted from my shoulders. For once since I became Tsar, I felt free. The responsibility which once rested on my shoulders, now nothing that God is bearing my burden as well. I headed for the war room, another meeting will once again begin.


"My comrades, you who have given much for the country, much for me. Firstly, I would like to thank you for all of your efforts. It is thanks to you all, that we have come this far. To thank you for your effort, I will hint something to you, this war has reached it's turning point, and it will end in blaze of glory."


With this, the generals stood up, and gave a standing ovation. All of them, except of course the now deceased Lenin.... Perhaps my guilt hasn't completely gone away yet...

The rest of the meeting went with me listening to the planning done by the committee. Now matter how they looked at it, the best course of action was too keep attacking Sweden. This, of course, goes perfectly with Aneki's plans, so I said nothing of it. We also took an important photo, one that raised all of our morale.

 By the time it ended, I retired into my quarters. “James!” Within seconds of my beckoning, my trusty aide was by my side.

“Be sure that Lenin’s family or relatives are well compensated. Make sure that his funeral is grand. Also, to everyone else, he dies in a fierce battle, not for insubordination.”

These might not make up for killing him, perhaps nothing ever will, however, it’s always better than nothing. Thank you God, for leading me the right way. I will see to it, that even if I die, Sweden be conquered. They will burn.


Before he left, I made one last request. “James, mail this photo to the Generals of Sweden.”

I handed him the photo. It was a coloured photo, an expensive one at that. James tried stifle a laugh, before walking away. The photo was of me and my generals, making funny faces. Under that, was scribbled in Russian, what might be the English equivalent of “Fuck You”. I smiled, this was perfect.


The conquest of Sweden shall continue.

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