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Hoshizora no Memoria Windows 7 theme

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Looks something like this minus the clock and power info and such, that is some random windows gadget.



What you need:

1. Universal Theme Patcher

2. Theme iself

3. Bug Fix (English font, images)

4(optional). Original windows pointers and turn off wallpaper slideshow



What you do:

1. Unzip and use Universal Theme Patcher for your system (x64 on 64bit, x86 on 32bit), click Patch on all the buttons.

2. Fully Restart PC

3. Use "[Astyles.Org][Win7] Hoshizora no Memoria_2012.exe" installer, follow instructions - installation password is "Astyles.Org", finish installation.

4. Fully Restart PC

5. You should now have the theme, however things will be broken.

6. Right click on desktop and go to Personalize and change back to default Aero theme

6. Navigate to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes

7. Extract HoshiTheme.zip (Bug Fix) there (so "Hoshizora no Memoria_2012.theme" is in that folder and "Hoshizora no Memoria_2012_v5.msstyles" is in Hoshizora no Memoria_2012 folder, overwrite when asked).

8. Right click on desktop and go to Personalize and change Hoshizora no Memoria_2012 theme under Installed Themes.

9. And there you have it, you should have the theme working just fine.



1. To restore mouse default pointers and get super awesome Wallpaper Steve made for his bed screen (1280x1024 resolution) doubleclick "no_mouse_more_stars.themepack"

2. If you want to customize wallpapers (by default it cycles through all characters [including Hisakaki Mokomoko]), pointers and stuff yourself just got to Personalize and there you have all the options, desktop background, windows color, mouse pointers, customize as you like.



Known issues and how to fix them:

Problem: Mare in the start menu is squished

Solution: You have small start menu icons enabled, change to large icons

-Right click Start menu and go to properties, click Customize, find and check option "Use large icons", it will be on the bottom.


Problem: Mare in the start menu is stretched

Solution: You have too many pinned programs in start menu, remove some (maximum is 10)

- Right click icons you are not using and "Remove from this list".


Problem: Search line in start menu is not there

Solution: It is there, it just isn't visible

- Just type what you are searching for and it will search it just like if it was there.


If you have any other problem, you can hop on TS and someone there will surely be able to help you.



Enjoy and praise the Mare~

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I think I was able to get it working... for the most part, but this seems a little wrong...




In folder options show extensions for known fie types (so you know what extension what file is). One of the files indeed belongs to the resources/themes, only the v5 is supposed to be in this folder.

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Sadly i do not know what the text means

The big text is in chinese so I don't know.

The small text says "Today you are also bakabaka".



Also this may be a dumb question but how do i "turn" a theme into a .exe file?

Like a theme you made? I guess you just pack the necessary files into an exe extractor just like the astyles extractor.

Not sure what exactly you mean.

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steve about the another themes of Hoshizora maybe these are the another hoshizora girl themes ^^


Get this one, it has mokomoko wallpaper :P


And if you mean having komomo in the start menu like mare here, it would just take some editing of the msstyles file using style editor and adding komomo image instead of the mare one, but it might break things since it is made for Mare.

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Oh that thing, yeah those are not there I think, I am not sure if its because I removed them (because they were causing problems) or they were not there in the first place... I believe they were causing problems, I also removed the right click image because it was causing problems in firefox and some tray icons (google drive for example).


You can use the original version if you want (in the .theme file edit from v5 to original) and it will have all the things, but it will be broken in many places so I don't recommend it - the person making the skin did a pretty sloppy job and easiest way to fix it was to remove some of the things, if you want them I recommend getting the vista style builder software (works for w7) - you can find torrent somewhere and fixing the stuff yourself, but its not easy, that's why I just removed some of the features instead of trying to make them work properly, it was easier that way (and I still spent hours on it, mainly on the font fixes).

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Now im actually curious of what you removed.Since im using the "original version" and i didnt notice any bugs.

I seem to have found a kosame and komomo theme.Will test it later


It is mostly fix for some language combinations of windows 7 (font fixes).

the removed stuff is most likely the background on the folders as it was I think overlapping something...

another removed thing is the context menu background with mare x shinku, since it bugs in for example firefox - there it will display the whole image instead of just the options you have so it is a giant box.

it also bugs with google drive tray icon, if you click that it will have taht image copied for each line of the context menu.


Its mostly graphical bugs that were looking weird for me so I removed it - the most important part is the start menu and the stars on the aeru windows and  that is working just fine :) Also kept the neko-Mare in the taskbar right click menu.

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