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Well, this is my first post here, but I think it's on the right section.

Can anyone tell me where to find BL (Boy's Love/Yaoi) VN translation tools?

I already have NIPA and kprl, but it only works in a few games...

Neither works on Togainu no Chi, Hadaka Shitsuji (Naked Buttler) nor Silver Chaos, and these games have an english patch, so there's a tool that works on them.

So, does anyone know the name of those tools or maybe some other tool that works on BL VNs? I couldn't find any others (maybe because I don't know where to search ^.^;


I searched on:




http://asmodean.reverse.net/pages/tools_index.html (I'm still searching on this one, but from the "title" category, looks like I won't find it there...)


I almost forgot! Does anyone know the name of the PSP game translation tool? I want to translate some of the PSP BL VNs.


Thanks in advance.

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