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Freezing Problem with Toradora! Portable [Solved!]


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I completed all the routes (minus Sakura's) and whenever I click New Game it freezes and eventually shuts off my PSP. If someone could help me with this problem and how to fix it, I'd be grateful! Please help!

Edit: thanks to Nosebleed, it's solved! :D

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You're not the first person to have this problem.

It seems that for some people unlocking Sakura's route causes freezes and crashes.

One user solved it by grabbing a japanese copy of the game and entering Sakura's route and saving. Then switching to the english version and loading where he saved in the japanese one.

Since the save files are linked there's no problem and he bypassed the crashes.


I really don't know any other way to fix it.

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Yeah a non-patched ISO should do the trick.


When you start a new game you'll be prompted to a choice. One of them leads you into the normal game and the other leads you to Sakura's route. Pick the second one if i'm not mistaken.


Then save right after and load your english copy.

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