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Kill La Kill - The End [Contains Spoilers]

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I am gonna put my first post in spoilers, despite the title, sometimes people might click by accident.


So, it would see they do it again. We get a "happy ending", but the person the lead is closest to does not make it to the end, I am happy with how the series ended and it was really well done, I also understand that it was needed, but I am sad he wasn't there at the end.


I loved the Spiral nod (well, I say that, when the screw screws in the scissors (which end up being useless despite the build up of them coming together, love that twist no pun intended)


Also Gamagori in the ending credits with flowers for Mankanshoku was nice as well.


I am just glad we got a nice closed ending and everyone was happy by the end. 


It had a nice feel good atmosphere. I found the pacing of the whole series to be fairly spot on.


I don't think I hated a single character in the whole series either, which is saying something.


So I give this a 9/10


Guren Lagann Final ep Spoiler

In relation to doing it again, I mean the story structure had a very guren lagann feel to it and they both ended with someone losing someone

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I thought the last episode was really, really good.


That being said, I had lost a bit my enthusiasm during the second half of the series, I think the rhythm wasn't always perfect. At the beginning I had awesome vibes, but in the end it was just good entertainment most of the time.

I think I will rewatch it one day to be sure about what I think exactly. Still an 8/10 but not god-tier for me.


About the unavoidable comparison with Gurren Lagann, I think TTGL was much more tightly written, although the structure was indeed a bit similar. That's what made it an instant classic and I'm not sure KlK will be on that level.

Also TTGL had an exponential growth, while KlK was more going over-the-top from the beginning to the end, sort of "resetting" things all the time with new elements/twists/etc.

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