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Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort Translation Project


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after QC there will be a second edit, basically just to make sure everything is still a good translation and that it reads fluent(or so I heard) after that there will be the release 

Sorry if this is wrong but hasn't the second edit already been finished and we're only waiting on the QC now?

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not related to the game and the translation of the game.

i tried the test on the translator website (even if i can do it, i wont send them my answers)

how to solve problems 1, 4 ,6 and 9? others are too hard for me

also can a high school graduate can answers all questions correctly without cheating?


PS: im a college graduate in Information technology and I cant answer every single question..... my mind is bad and i should feel bad

Well damn.. I really don't know how to use these things. What i'm trying to say is mdz made the test impossible for smaller minds to comprehend.

No offense intended

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I'm sure the test itself isn't related with the patch. Why? Because I was opened the discussion thread in VNDB, and here's the answer from mdz himself.


Oh, I didn't see this thread up.
I removed the QC test from the site primarily because I got too many submissions (people actually sent in rather detailed submissions; some used Word, others actually typed it up in Latex). Mathematics & the Sciences isn't my forte (I'm pre-law), so I had a friend write the test. This wasn't my homework assignment, I have the answer key after all. 
Ultimately, one person passed it on the cusp. I don't think that the test was in itself an impossible task (as I removed it because I feared that too many people would eventually pass it). The goal of the QC test wasn't really as admirable as to find fitting candidates. I just thought that it'd be interesting to see how much effort people would put in to pass the test (and the answer is surprisingly, more than I anticipated). 
I did get a few bribes, but none were significant enough to consider properly (the bribe was a joke, but I did get several bribes). 
And you have it right there. If you curious, his answer no, you will not get the patch even if you could finish all of the problem.
Anyway, congratulations for almost finishing the patch. I'm still waiting here, although maybe I should consider Russian one. To be honest it's quite easy if you could decipher the font, or so I think until I realize there must be different word meaning in English and Russian. And finally my decision is well better waiting I guess.
That's all from me. It's still summer in here though
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I glimpsed at the QC test. Honestly, almost all the math could be solved by a Calculus II student, if they were good at series evaluation. It just looks intimidating; once you boil it down, it's not very hard. The physics looks like a normal problem in Classical Mechanics. The rest can be done with logic. Honestly, most college students who have taken those courses should be fine. Of course, that alone is a big limiting factor lol.

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Just saw the status update on the weekly fuwanovel report... any chance the release is this weekend? :D

12th september: https://twitter.com/Mdzanime/status/642781519048650752


18th september: https://twitter.com/Mdzanime/status/644698418900668417


Don't ask me what that means. Everything between 5 years and 5 minutes seems possible.

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