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Granted, the VN you are in has no romance in it (no harem for you) and has you being tortured in the most cruel way possible in almost every single scene. The reason why this VN is popular is because the player chooses how you will be tortured whether it is psychological or physical. 



I wish I better handwriting. 

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Granted. Your handwriting is now better, and you will become hired as a Chinese scribe. Now you are forced to write down Chinese history starting from the day when Xia Dynasty was formed up to modern times. You shall never stop writing down Chinese history for the rest of your life.


I wish to die.

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Granted. The moment she breaks up with you, you shall fall into an empty dimension where only grief exists.


I wish for the world to be rewritten as follows:

 1. All the wishes I make shall be incorruptible.

 2. All attempts to corrupt a wish shall kill the corruptor.

 3. In the name of Aneki, these three laws shall not be rewritten.

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Well, if she disappears right after I talk to her, that really is an improvement.


Granted, but you only get one extra day and it removes the entirety of your next vacation month. And no takebacks!


I wish humans could breathe in space... or didn't need to breathe at all.

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