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Lengthy introduction! ;^^

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Salutations, fellow forum-goers. Some of you might be familiar with me on the Visual Novel Aer blog comments section, and you may have caught a glance or two of me from the MAL forums. Well, I've been looking to get involved in a forum other than MAL, and the community here feels right at home with me. MAL was nice when I first joined it, but it's been a little difficult to hold any fun discussions with anyone lately and the community just isn't what it use to be. Anyway, you probably aren't that interested in all that, so I'll proceed on with a little more about myself. :D

My interest in visual novels started when I first heard about the news for the anime adaption of Little Busters. At the time, VNs had been but a small back-thought, and I never really had much interest in them at the time. Might have also been my false preconception that you had to know Japanese to play VNs since I wasn't really aware of people who actually translated them. But when the news for the adaption hit and all the hype started flying around in the forums, I later came to realize that there were VNs out there with translations, lol. Seeing how I was one of those happy-go-lucky Key fans and had developed a genuine interest for what everyone claimed to be "Maeda Jun's best written work", I just did not want to wait for the adaption of Little Busters to happen and proceeded on to reading the visual novel (glade I did, LB had a pretty lackluster anime). Oh man, my heart was not ready for what Kud's route delivered to me the day I started that. It was because of the richness in storytelling, the overall atmosphere, and the impact that the drama hit me with that I started to take a great interest in what the medium had to offer, and the other heroine routes I read afterwards were a very pleasant experience. What I felt when I finally got to Refrain, it was nothing short of spectacular, and it was then that I had a genuine love for visual novels. While I've yet to read another work that has had the same impact on me as Little Busters Refrain, I have not been disappointed in the slightest with some of the other stories I've come across. With other works as grand as MLA and FSN Heaven's Feel, I've come to acknowledge visual novels as one of the greatest mediums for storytelling in any entertainment media. Granted, there are still some downsides to reading visual novels (most of my gripes are with common routes), but I feel that they are far outweighed by the good.

I have an okayish size for the list of VNs I've completed, and there's a few that I'm currently reading. I usually hold off on rating a VN until I finish it since the scores I put on vndb are a calculated average off what I'd rate all individual routes, with extra emphasis on the true route (if applicable). I also have a MAL blog entry with a little more detail on the VNs I've picked up. http://myanimelist.net/blog.php?eid=718401

What I've completed: (In order from favorite to least favorite)
Little Busters
Muv-Luv Alternative
Fate/stay night
Saya no Uta
Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star-
Kamidori Alchemy Meister
Long Live The Queen
Tears 9, 10
Mankai Chirarism Dai 1 Wa

Top 5 individual routes:
[Little Busters] Refrain
[Muv-Luv Alternative]
[Fate/stay night] Heaven's Feel
[Hoshizora no Memoria] Mysterious Girl
[Fate/stay night] Unlimited Blade Works

Hope we get along well. ^^

My favorite hair colors are green, blue, and white. I have a stronger preference to smaller chests. Imoutos, tsunderes, and shrine maidens are wonderful girls. Looking forward to waifu/loli/moe pics!

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You sig pic is really stretched, you might want to fix that. :P


Ugh, you're right. I thought I could made it work without the correct aspect ratio, but it seems I'll need to look for something else. >.< I don't want it to be too small either, lol. I'll go ahead and proceed without one for now until I find one with better dimensions.


Thanks for the welcomes! Love that Kud gif.



Was not prepared for that much moe.

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Shcboomer! <3 Oh yeah, definitely glad to be here. And thanks to everyone else for your warm welcomes too. ^^

Wasn't able to do much today since I had a little bit of research to get into, but I'll definitely be around tomorrow.


Welcome to the forums! I hope you have fun!

Have an explosion:



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With other works as grand as MLA and FSN Heaven's Feel, I've come to acknowledge visual novels as one of the greatest mediums for storytelling in any entertainment media.

This. So much. I've been enjoying visual novels more than books and manga since the time I began reading them :')

Now, welcome to the forums! I recommend you to play Grisaia no Kajitsu and Clannad when you have the time, they're both really good! I hope you enjoy your stay and have fun~!
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