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Grisaia no Kajitsu Endings (Possible Spoilers)


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Hi everybody!

I'm in need of a little favor. 

Recently finished reading all of Grisaia's good endings, (I can't handle any bad endings at all. Except when Kenji pushes you off a building. That was just unaccounted for), anyways, since i cant find any summaries of the VN, can anyone quickly explain all the character's bad endings?



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Let me do this for you quickly then



Yuuji kills Makina's mother and runs off but is shot four times in his legs. He later arrives to Makina but ends up collapsing and dying shortly after and gives her money and something that allows her to take his spot in his line of work. Fast foward and Makina is pregnant and could not accept yuuji's death so she had his rotting corpse stuffed in a bag and hullicinates talking to the bag in which she thinks Yuuji is still allive. She is working at her dream bakery and also at the agency where Yuuji works at but i forgot.



They choose to split. The old guy manages to shoot Yuuji again and has him near death. Amane runs off towards a place where Kazuki buried something for her and a letter and a knife. She ends up choosing to go back to where Yuuji and the psycho is and stabs the psycho in the back. The psycho manages to shoot her though but Amane keeps on putting up a good fight and bites a chunk of his flesh off while getting beat on the head by the butt of his shotgun. The Psycho shoots her again and ends up killing her. Just as he is about to shoot Yuuji he finds amane's cold dead hand clutched around his foot and goes even more insane and passes out. Yuuji uses this chance to shoot him in the head. I presume Yuuji dies from his wounds being in the middle of the forest and all cause they ended it right there.



She ends up choosing not to kill her mother i think and goes off running towards Yuuji but ironically a car goes and runs her over and kills her. Nothing much besides this i think



She ends up once again trying to commit suicide at the hospital and nearly dies. Chizuru is annoyed at Yuuji for letting this happen. She ends up with a dead personality and no traces of either of her 2 personalities are present. Yuuji ends up watching her for the rest of her life not knowing what else to do.



This isn't really much of a bad ending to be honest. Basically they end up on the run permanently and completely abandon their past lives. They live in a bad neighborhood and instead of a girl they have a boy.


This should about sum it up sorry if i missed some stuff.

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Good summaries.
In my opinion, the only bad ending worth watching is Amane's.

Mostly because once she runs from the man, as Gintoki (that avatar is so great) here already explained, she finds a memo Kazuki left with a map to some hidden stash of goods.

She finds some kind of medkit (?) with a water bottle, some food (I think), a knife and a letter. Said letter basically teases that Kazuki made it out alive since it explains what happened after they parted ways. Then you already know what happens next.

That's about what I remember, the others were not that special imo. Do check it out if you're interested in specifics c:

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I'm not sure, it's something my guts say, but you know that assistant of JB's with the white hair? I think she's Yuuji's sister. Again it's just a guess.

No, it's not - just a concidence, since...

They find Kazuki - or at least, her comatose body.

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