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Your favorite ability/power in the VN? [LS/HS]

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Sorry if the title confuses you, I wasn't sure if powers would count as light spoilers or heavy spoilers. Some are most likely heavy, so if you haven't finished the VN I would avoid this topic.

So, lets get started!

My top 3 would have to be(Not in a particular order):

1. Unlimited Blade Works, I actually like Shirou's version more, due to what it signifies for his character, and as it showcases what point he has reached in his overall development as a person and his ideals.

2. Jewel Sword, more of a weapon than a power I guess. If you have finished the VN, this needs no explanation. Its absolutely goddamn BADASS!

3. Gate of Babylon/Enuma Elish. No words needed, Gilgamesh is fabulous incarnate who is above all mongrels(catch the reference? hohoho...), his powers are wtfstomp awesomeness! BOW DOWN TO THE KING OF KINGS~

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so, I assume it won't be limited to Fate or type moon powers right? mine would be...

1. Causality conductor, because being able to cross different parallel worlds are awesome

2. Reality marble, since reality marble materializes based on one's "inner world" it would be intersting to see what mine would look like

3. Light orbs power from clannad, (dunno if this will count) because it basically grants any wish, which I will use to change Tomoyo after's ending T_T

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Er, this is in the specific section for Fate/Stay Night...so...uh well :V

right, for some reason the Fate/Stay Night didn't show, lol. Sorry about that. If it's F/SN it's too easy for me.

1. Reality marble, for the reason I have stated above

2. Avalon, because who doesn't want eternal youth and ultimate protection right?

3. Being a Master (is that even an ability, lol). I would love to be a master, and have your own servant, regardless of the servant

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F/Z is cool too for me, but since this is more of a F/SN forum, maybe it would be a good idea to use spoiler tags, since not everyone who has read the VN have watched or read F/Z as well.


Speaking of Fate/Zero, if you haven't, consider reading the novels as well. While the anime is a wonderful adaption, there are a couple of small things better in the light novels, nothing too major but yeah.

Plus they show what Caster and his Master are actually doing during their time...gah, pure nightmare fuel. I am actually glad they didn't show that, seriously.

I can sum their actions up in three words...





But yeah, it really shows how goddamn dangerous/creepy/frightening the duo is, damn.

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My top 3 :

1. Tsubame Gaeshi - it is trained out of pure godlike skill. (means no prana required, right?)

2. Projection - as much as I loved UBW, it is originally out of Shirou's projection ability. I love projection better because, depending on the user, it is not limited to swords and bows only. (Can Shirou project servants?)

3. Gae Bolg - instant kill is instant kill.

And yeah if it's not limited to F/SN I'd like to include Clannad's light orb as well...

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Dies Irae: Makina's Deus Ex Machina, which is a manifestation of his desire for an eternal end... literally 'ends' anything his fists touch when it is activated. Sort of like an absolute death spell.. if it hits.

Devils Devel Concept: Sora's ability to

permanently copy any ability he witnesses (this ability is a serious cheat) perfectly

Yurikago Yori Tenshi Made: Protagonist's ability reshape his body as needed (in some really gruesome ways) when he feels threatened. This ability is merely an initial stage of his true power, but it's great in and of itself. The fact that his style of sword-fighting incorporates this ability into its (rather brutal) moves only makes it better.

Yurikago Yori Tenshi Made: Ume's body. She is literally indestructible by any sort of outward stimuli (in one of the funniest scenes early in the game, she gets hit by a semi, and the semi's front caves in, the trailer flipping over). Though she is vulnerable to attacks that rewrite reality to a state where her body was 'damaged from the beginning'. This body comes along with a rather nasty set of instincts and personality traits as well... but that just makes it more fun (for the player, anyway).

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