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So, I'm just starting Grisaia, and I'm not quite sure which route to do after Amane's, since there isn't a forced route order or unofficially forced route order through plot.  I'm not used to VNs without a route order  :/


Anyone have any suggestions for which order I should do them in?  I'm planning on doing the good and bad endings for each heroine during back to back, so you don't have to consider that.

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Save Makina's for last is really the only thing I'd follow. I think it's by far the best route. The game doesn't have a true route or anything of the sort so you might as well save the best for last.

Oh I'd also say skip yumiko's if you don't want your brain to bleed out of your ears because holy mother of god.

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Personally, I went in the order they were presented (Makina -> Amane -> Sachi -> Michiru -> Yumiko). I personally think this order works just fine, though Michiru and Yumiko could be moved to the front without much issue. Amane, Makina, and Sachi all have small tidbits that tie them together, so I think they should be played back to back (Makina -> Amane -> Sachi if you want my opinion).

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