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Akatsuki no Goei ~Tsumibukaki Shuumatsuron~

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This has a massive common route (equivalent to a Key game's) with three massive arcs, one for Reika, one for the normal side heroines, and one for the Forbidden Zone heroines.  In addition, Akemi and Kiyomi's routes split off from the rests of the normal heroines and each other pretty early on, making the game even longer.  The Forbidden Zone's heroines don't have a huge amount of scenes to themselves, as they pretty much get lumped together in a single route with a single flow of major events (minor events change based on which heroine you choose, as well as the epilogue... ).  Reika's ending is considered to be canon for the normal side heroines, whereas Anzu's is considered to be canon for the Forbidden Zone heroines.  Akemi and Kiyomi's routes have distinct flows that show off interesting alternate views of how things turn out. 


Overall, yeah it is a great game.  It gets bashed by some of the more jaded or those who preferred the lighter tone of the first game, but that is mostly people who feel the need to bash anything and everything...

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