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Baku Ane Crashing


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Are you running your computer with Japan system locale?: Yes
Game Name:  baku ane ~otouto shibocchau zo!
Description of Problem: I can open the title menu, when I attempt to click any of the buttons however the game crashes. This game has been installed from an official disc I purchased in Japan
Your Operating System: Window 64-bit
What did you already try? (Uninstall/Reinstall, Redownload, Run as admin, etc): Unistall/Reinstall, run as admin, Checked permissions, anti virus is off, update drivers, restart computer.

Just purchased this game and would love to play it, I purchased another game at the same time and it works just fine. It seems to start up, load and get to the main screen, the music plays and if I do nothing it'll keep running happily. When I click any of the menu icons (start, continue, CG mode, etc.) it crashes.


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just some qeustion do all buttons fail to work.

if so check the manual (if added) to see for further help.

also check the place where you are downloading to it too sometimes you need it placed in your C: or D: for example.

also might mention your computer graphical stats.

operating system isnt enough to know what the cause is.

also are you using windows 7-8-vista-xp?

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Yes, all of the buttons fail. Except the ones that pop up if I try and close the application with the red x on the top right and it asks if I'm sure, those work...

I have tried installing it once to C:// and once to E://. This problem persisted.

Geforce GTX 560 3GB. Intel Core i7-2630QM, 2.0GHz. 8GB RAM.
I meant to type windows 7 64-bit, that was a typo.

Let me know if there's anything else I can let you know. In the meantime I'll keep trying things.

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since i myself dont have the game i can only say few more things since i dont really tackle many problems with vn's that much.

first of check the requirements of the game it should be listed in the manual of the game second check if you can open the options in game and outside the game.

outside the game just go to the containing folder(place where you downloaded it too) check if you can find a file that says as type of file this.


you should be able to open those with notepad or something similair you should be able to change those to something lower if the problem is something graphical related.

also dont directly edit them create a second copy of those files dont want your stuff corrupted now do you.

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New piece of info, I found the option menu in this game, which doesn't cause it to crash, however there is one thing I can do in there that will...select the sound tab. Don't know if this helps identify the issue though. I'm suspecting maybe there is a sound which is refusing to play or something else equally as stupid.

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Long time since I posted. This issue never resolved, but I was travelling and never found the time to come back here.

I still don't have the slightest idea what's causing it and nothing I flicked in the options rectified it.

I seem to have problems with Atelier Kaguya games period. Anybody else's games work like a dream, so I dared to try another of their titles (Shabura ♥ Rental) and it doesn't even start. I tried running it in compatibility mode an it presented me with an error stating it couldn't load system data.

No other visual novel has caused me problems. Atelier Kaguya are two for two on not working with my system so far. I wish I knew why, their games look good.

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