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Shin Koihime Musou Translation Project

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6 hours ago, Eurekachan26 said:

It been a while, and sprry for the double post

how goes things over here?

As far as translation concerned, it's still ongoing albeit with few lines translated for each week. So yeah it's still going and you didn't need to worry about this for now. Keep in mind that the line count is quite big (At 100,000 lines) and it's only 28% edited as of now, so it'll be a while before we finally saw Shin Koihime Musou released.

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I actually think this Gi is getting TL'd much much quicker than Shoku did. It seems he stopped doing TL and edit at the same time and just focused on the TL for now. The real question is if there is going to be a partial patch for each kingdom or if they are only doing 1 patch for the whole game.

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Indeed, the translation is now at 100%.  But please, don't anyone get hopes up.  That's a very misleading figure.  The translated material is not in a very satisfying state.  Editing is required.

And the editing percentage is highly misleading also.  The material that has been edited is not up to par.  Sometime in May, I realized this and decided to start over; now I'm playing with the game open, listening to all the dialog.  This is actually the reason that status updates have stopped: editing is not back to where it was originally yet, but the stats no longer reflect this.  (It has also been much slower going, since real life got inconvenient for me.  Such is always the way.)

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