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Rance 2

(Rebellious Maidens)

Alice Soft | 2009 | RPG / 18+


Ten years prior to the story, four young girls in the town of Kathtom were appointed as disciples to an old mage named Ragishss. They were to be raised as mages and work as the guardians of the town after completing their training. However, after the ten years, the girls suddenly rebelled against Ragishss and killed him. During the harsh magic battle, the entire town was entombed underground and a barrier spell was placed on it, preventing anyone from leaving, including the maidens who terrorized the town. The four maidens were soon to be known as the Four Witches of Kathtom.

Rance sets out with Sill to defeat the four witches and save the city from their grasp. But as the story progresses, they find out that the witches had their personalities altered by the power of the rings they wear. The rings greatly enhance a user's magical potential, but only functions when used by maidens. Having said that, the only way to release them from the rings is to have their virginity taken, and who else but Rance is up for such job?


Route Guideline


Chapter 1 - Maria´s Maze


The Stolen Rings



1. Move and Ask Major 2 times.


2. Move to Ragishss and ask him 4 times.



The Maze


1. Go to Hell´s mouth and enter.

*Note: Going to your Camp and Rest will fill up the stamina.


2. Find Maria and Ask 3 times.


3. Proceed further and open the treasure chest, then go to the south room and try Enter.


5. Go back to the maze screen and enter the room.


6. If you click Help, you will just help her and you can talk to her later on.

  • Go into the pub and click "Look" + "Surroundigns", than talk to Nav.
  • She ask you to get her frog earing.
  • Go back to the maze and search for it in the first room (The same room you found her).
  • Give her the earing back and she will tell you that she dropped it in the maze lake.

7. If you choose Bully, you will get an H scene (Conscience decreases 2 points which is just a "joke" stat and will not do anything).

  • Ask Nay
  • Assault her 2 times
  • Ask Nay 2 times
  • Talk to Sil
  • Go back the the maze lake and Search Key
  • Search for the key in different places until an event triggers



Evaporation Fruit


1. Get out of the maze and go to the Item Store.

*Note: Buy 100 Seirogans.


2. Try to buy the Evaporation´s Fruit.


3. Go to the Pub.


4. Click Ask, then Talk to the Owner.


5. Buy an Uroroon.



Finding Maria


1. Go back to the maze lake.


2. Click Camp, Use Item and click the Evaporation Fruit.


3. The key is at the place with the mine cart.


4. Now go to the next screen and enter the sout door.


5. Try enter the door.

*Note: You might want to save here.


6. Go to the two big rooms on each side. Look at the statues, then break them.


8. Defeat both statues.


9. Enter the door and defeat Maria.






Chapter 2 - Mill´s Maze




*Note: You will have 0 gold.

1. Go to Ragishss.


2.Go to the Mayor's house


3. Go to Hell's mouth.

  • Talk to Warrior and you get 147 Gold (Conscience decreases by 2).
  • Try enter the maze.
  • Go to Ragishss and talk to Maria.
  • Go to the Item Store.
  • Ask her.
  • Buy a light.
  • Enter Maze.



Slate Hunting


*Note: You want to avoid Laakaim since they take a long time to kill and give same exp as others.


1. Go to the south screen, then east screen.


2. Look at the Mirror, then Surroundings.


4. Take the Metal plate.


5. Go back to the west screen, then north screen, then the lower east one.


6. Examine the first casket and open it.


7. Exit the maze and enter the town.

*Note: You can Camp and look the Photo you just received.


8. Next, Investigate the Slate.


9. Enter Hell's Mouth and exit.


10. Go to Town Square and click Move, then Back. An event will trigger.


11. Go to Info Store and click ask.


13. Go back to the mirror and Use Panties.


14. Use the first portal from the west side (in the screen with the mirror)


15. Go the the east room.


16. Search the damaged big room on the south.


17. Use portal to go back to the previous screen. Then go to the west screen and walk to the slime blocking the road and proceed tot he room (with 6 pillars)





Chapter 3 - Elenoa´s Maze


*Note: Cake-woman drop HP pots so you might want to grind a few.


1. Go North.


2. Try go to the room on nort 2 times.


3. Go SW from the lake to trigger an event.


4. Go to the north screen.


5. Try Enter and then Listen at the first door.


6. Try go down the stairs.


7. Go one tile to the right and 2 tiles down and search to find an item.


8. Try to go to the Liver (the spider-like thing).


9. Go to the east screen on either path.


9. Try to go into the intestine (the spiky path).


10. Search for for 5 Cake Woman enemies and defeat them to get 5 sweets, then go to the Library.

  • Give Arcee a Candy and Ask her about the Rooms.
  • Give Arcee another Candy and Ask her about the Key.
  • Give her another Candy and Ask her about the Heart wall.
  • Give her another Candy and Ask her about the Liver.
  • Give her another Candy and Ask her about the Bugs.

11. Go to the stairs and Put out the fire.


12. Go to the Liver, select every option and a new option will appear. Click the new option.


13. Go back to the Liver to obtain a new armor for Sill.


14. Go to the intestines and go all the way to the end.

*Note: Every time you move in the intestines, you lose HP.


15. At the end of the path Sill will get attacked by a tentacle monster. Click any of the options several times. 2 new options will appear.


16. Use F Bomb twice and then use the Laser attack.


17. Enter all 3 torture rooms and win the battles.





Chapter 4 - Deep in Mill´s Maze


Finding Mill



1. Go to the Info Store.


2. Click ask and then go back to Hell's Mouth. Enter it.


3. Go to the mirror.


4. Click Use and Show Breasts


5. Use the second teleporter from west side.


6. Go to the North East room to obtain an armor for Milli.


7. Go to the end of the path.


8. Look at the Warrior then click Take the Weapon twice.


9. Take Ruby


*Note: the following are optional (CG)



1. Tomato Puree

  • Return to the city and go to the item shop.
  • Look at the Pet.
  • Buy one "Wood of Return" if you don't already own one.
  • Enter the Maze and use the second teleporter.
  • Search the tile west from the dead body and Push the button
  • Teleport back and walk to the Hanny statue and look at it.
  • Go to the end of the corridor to activate the trap.
  • Flee to the statue and use the wood of return there.
  • Return to the Statue and Open the chest
  • Bring her to the Item-Shop and Ask her.

2. Elena Lr

  • Got to the Pub.
  • Assult Girl.
  • Buy Girl for 500 GOLD.



10. Return to the first screen of the maze and go the upper east way through the door.

11. Mill will attack you with Phantom Beasts. Rance and party will run away as soon as they find out that they can't hurt them.


The Mummy´s Request


1. Go to the coffins and open the third one. Ask 6 times.


3. Leave the maze and go to the bar.


4. Try to buy Uhaan.


5. Go to the church and you'll see an Hscene.


6. Go to Ragishss' house.


7. Go to Mayor's House.


8. Click Ask and he will give you a slate.


9. Go back to the Info Store and click Ask.


10. Go back to the Maze.


11. Go to the Mirror.


12. Click Use and Masturbate.


13. Use the third warp and go east.


14. The King Dragon will pop up and quiz you.

  • First Question's Answer: 16
  • Second Question's Answer: Umbrella
  • Third Question's Answer: Oda Nobunaga

15. Search in the last room and you will find a talisman.


16. Take the talisman.


17. Go to the last screen and go west.


18. Click any of the 3 options.


29. You will get the same options again.


20. Get out of the Maze and go back to the Pub and buy an Uhaan


21. Go back to the Maze.


22. Go to the Mummy.


23. Click Talk and Mummy.



Going back to Mill


1. Go to the mirror.


2. Click Use and Lesbian.


3. Use the fourth warp.


*Note: You might want to save here.


4. Go to the next screen and win the battle.


5. Go to the last room and Search.


7. Go back to the first screen and make your way to Mill. Keep using Seirogans and wait till Milli defeats the Phatom beasts.






Chapter 5 - Deep in Elenoa´s Maze


1. Go north and enter the east screen to reach the dead end.


2. Then go back and go south to enter the east screen to reach another dead end.


3. Go back to the upper dead end. Don´t use the lever.


4. Go back to the lower dead end and use the lever.


6. Go east and use the lever.


7. Go to the upper dead end and use the lever.


8. Go one cell West then South, use lever.


9. Go one tile west, then south and use the lever.


10. Go to the lower dead end and use the lever.


11. Go two cells east and Investigate.


12. Go east and use the lever (You will end up back in prison).


13. Repeat the way back to the place where you found Kyouko.


14. Search surroundings.


15. Go east and the lever (You will end up back in prison).


16. Go to the upper dead end and use the lever.


17. Go West and use the lever.


18. Go SE and use the lever.


19. Take the middle portal.


20. Go one cell east and use Life Mirror, then enter the secret passage.
*Note: There will be no battle.





Chapter 6 - Shizuka´s Maze


1. Ask Pub Girl, go to the Second floor. You will receive Holy armor and sword.


2. Go to Mayor´s house and Ask 3 times.


3. Go to Workplace and buy some Medicine from Drug-store. Then go Outside town and Offices


4. Go to the maze and try Enter Shizuka´s mansion.


5. Go to the east screen, then go to the south screen.


6. Enter the east building.


7. Enter the succubus mansionon the west side (Knock, Knock, Search surroundings, Knock).


8. Return to the warrior (Sylphide).


9. Obtain aphrodisiac from Ralga's cat monster.


10. Enter the succubus mansion and Assault her.


11. Go to Shizuka's Mansion.


*Note: the following are optional (CG)



?. Yoshikawa Machiko (not confirmed)

  • Talk to Machiko
  • Investigate
  • Kick it 20 times

2. Willis

  • By level 30 she'll be full nude.
  • Yorunige-chan on the 1st floor of the mansion gives 2000exp but has high evade and escape rate.
  • At level 40 or above Rance will think about assaulting her.

3. Sill Plain

  • There is a shop in the first floor.
  • You will need 15000 GOLD to buy the rope and whip.
  • Flame demons can be found on the east side of the tower, and drop 1000 GOLD.
  • Once you have them open Camp: "Sil", "Assault : Sill", "Be Gentle", "Use : Rope", and "Use : Whip" will appear.



12. Go to the second floor and Take the Stake on the middle west tile.

13. Use Stake in the SW area.

14. Take another Stake on the SE tile above the area.

15. Use Stake in the SE area.

16. Go downstairs and Look at the Table, then Take the Stake.

17. Go upstairs and place the stake in the NW area.

18. Open the door and Use Machine.

19. You will fight Stone Guardian here. Enter the east room (wiht the glass cases).

20. Go to the stonehenge and Search surroundings, then enter Time portal.

21. A boss fight follows with Shizuka. Badmouth her 2 times before you attack, you will miss otherwise.

After Shizuka there is another boss battle which is a bit harder then Shizuka.




This walkthrough is based on info attained on alicesoft.wikia.com with some adjustments made by me.

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