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T Next person is super lazy.

False. I deamed I was Sailor Moon *u*   Next person should be sleeping right now.

I do like feet. I suppose you could say I'm attached to them.   The next person likes terrible jokes.

False,I have not had ginger ale before,but coke is pretty hard to replace.....unless you don't like carbonated drinks in general,, for carbonated drinks, I would prefer Mt.dew and sprite, coke tends to be my last resort because it can be addictive, and I have been a fan of Mt.dew before I found out it was the MLG drink...funny thing...I loved both Mt.dew and Doritos without knowing they were MLG PRO FOOD, i still enjoy both today, the MLG fact didn't change much. 


Next person can tolerate the outdoors 

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i wouldn't say i hate them.


 coke tends to be my last resort because it can be addictive,

i have a friend that had a 'coke addiction' where he'd feel unusually agitated and anxious if he didn't drink coke. to the point where his hands were shaking.

said that he drunk 20 cans a day. and what started it, was a bet with another friend that who could drink more coke is the winner.

couldn't help but facepalm.



next person likes eggplants.

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