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Romance VNs with protagonist that has face

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I would prefer some slice of life, but fantasy or sci-fi I don't mind. My only hard requirements are that it has a good amount of romance and that the protagonist has a face that appears in the VN, be it in CGs or as a sprite. Voice acted MC is a plus. Also, please no Yuri/Yaoi. Thank you very much.

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https://vndb.org/v?q=&ch=&f=042gen4owin0380NL80Tl80X0D1281NM81NN&s=24w is a narrowed down search on VNDB for "English" "On Windows (PC)" "Romance" "Slice of Life" and "Protagonist with a Face" and should eliminate yuri/yaoi.


From that list I'd outright recommend Gin'iro, Haruka https://vndb.org/v18778 and Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai https://vndb.org/v14265 they are arguably the two most pure love slice of life romance VN's out there, but both of those don't really showcase the protagonist's face much, if I remember correctly Gin'iro's protagonist shows up more in CGs than HoshiOri's does. On the "provisional recommendation" list would be Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki https://vndb.org/v10304 protagonist here even has a sprite, but the story is more into fantasy and the story quality varies by route, but it also has what I'd argue is the best imouto route in any VN I've read.


This is assuming you've already tackled some of the more popular ones like Majikoi, Fruit of Grisaia, and Kin'iro Loveriche.

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Some of the recommendations are good. Anyway as for the recommendations, I would recommend Amanatsu, Mashiro Iro, Clover Day's, and Primal Hearts. I also would like to recommend White Album 2, although the romance drama might be too intense for you. I don't know if you're already read those VNs or not, but regardless I hope my recommendations will be helpful to you.

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