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Novels and Me (Nice to meet you!) x)

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Hello..I am mahaddiction, but my friends call me ONii. I play all types of games, that's why I play visual novels. I also read manga and watch anime, the typical geek. Now let's get started on Visual Novels and Me. xD

I didn't know what Visual Novels were, I started out with an interest in dating sims. Of course back then I didn't know the difference but it was just an interest I had after watching the anime Love Hina and being satisfied yet unsatisfied by the ending. Google searching here and there, everywhere, I came upon a small clip of Majikoi on Youtube (think it was 5-10% back then. don't really know) and it piqued my interest. I should tell you that once I find something interesting I usually research about it until I understand it and that's when I found out about Visual Novels. Some of the first visual novels I played were Clannad, Da Capo, and Kazoku Keikaku (Family Project). These three began my world of, I don't like to use it, but Otakuness(?). With Clannad, I found a story that stayed in my heart, oh dear Key... With Da Capo I found an immeasurable sadness when everyone forgot me (As Yoshiyuki). Lastly, Kazoku Keikaku, I liked the whole concept of a family project and I was so immersed in it I completely forgot that it was just a fake family and got really sad when the ending came around that I almost didn't replay it for the other girls and that's how much I liked it. Not to mention I personally felt the main character was a badass in contrast to some of the MC's you see now. The first girl I was interested in was Chunhua but since I was still a noob at VNs at the time I just chose whatever choices I was comfortable with and that shedded light onto fetishes. I knew that Tsunderes existed but getting into Matsuri's route on accident and getting to know her and just how well she complimented the MC by smoothing his bluntness about families, I fell in love. Now this is only from memory so it may not be 100% accurate but this is the feeling I get thinking back about it. You may ask why don't I just go back to replay it? It's because sometimes I feel like masterpieces deserve to be left alone, and because reading Matsuri being bullied by her adopted brother pissed me off so much I was punching walls xD. For a person like me who immerses themselves in the story and literally becomes the main character, I was that mad..if you understand xD. After finishing her route I was wondering, what were lolis? Why was our MC called a lolicon? Cause to me he wasn't, I didn't see her as a loli I saw her as a girl to target. As I've said before, I research things that piqued my interest so I found out about Lolis..and about how 50% of the time I ended up in their routes. Whether I wanted to by a walkthrough or just picked choices I was comfortable with I ended up there. I started thinking I was a lolicon and because of it you wouldn't imagine the rejection when I told my friends I may be a lolicon(XD). This was around the time that I also got Little Busters. Noting how besides from Anzu I got into Matsuri and Kud's route on accident and ended up liking their characters a lot. Liking Matsuri (KK) and Nemu (DC) also shedded light into the Imouto Kingdom which explained to myself why I was so attached to Minato from Akane Iro Ni Somaru Saka and didn't give a damn when people was griping that the MC should've been with Yuuhi in the anime. P.S. if there's anyone who plays this new f2p mmo called Aura Kingdom, I'd be glad to have people play with me and my cousin. :D

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Welcome to the forums! I must say, Kaizoku Keikaku was good, but for some reason I couldn't finish it. Maybe it was the "obscure" past of most of the heroines or something, but I couldn't bring myself to finish it ;u; I'm a loli and Imouto enthusiast, so I understand why you would end up in their routes (?) Enjoy your stay and have fun~!

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You're true to your own fetishes you're indeed a wonderful person.

I got this quote yesterday that's a really good timing if you ask me, here you go.

"My little sister is going through puberty"

That's a quote? Now that's some deep and inspiring stuff.

PS: In real life it's a real pain. Personal experience. My 3D sister ruins my image of imoutos everyday.

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In real life it's a real pain. Personal experience. My 3D sister ruins my image of imoutos everyday.

Don't worry, my older sister ruins my image of onee-sama's, but that gives me a chance to onii-chan her, too bad she's not cute at all.


By the way, mahaddiction you shouldn't derail threads in the future.  -_-

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