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Toradora Portable FAQ

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Toradora Portable FAQ


"I get an ISO file when i download the torrent

How do i open it?"

You're not supposed to mess with that file or try to extract it. You need to open it with an emulator like PPSSPP or move it to a real PSP and open it there.


"The game freezes with the music still playing and the textbox is still there"

Mostly caused by the emulator's save files. Restart the game and don't use the emulator save function from now on. Save within the game. This is known to fix most freezing. Also abusing the skip function sometimes causes the game to freeze as well but it's rare.


"The game is really slow during conversations"

Happens in emulators. It's simply not optimized for it and doesn't have enough resources. No known fix for it.


"The game crashes at a specific scene"

No known fix for it. Best solution is known to be grabbing a japanese copy of the game and opening it. Load where you last were in the english one and go by that scene where it crashes. Save with the japanese copy and open the english one again. The save files are linked and you can just load with the english one and you'll be past that scene where it crashes


"Unable to load missing system startup data"

Once again caused by emulator saves. They can corrupt your save data especially if you save with the emulator and then after save the game and then load with the emulator. There's no possible fix for this and you have to restart the game and just load from your last save.


"A white screen shows up after the game loads on a PSP"

Make sure your firmware is fully updated.


For users wanting save data for the PPSSPP here's a copy of my savedata if you want to bypass stuff, be warned it's over 90% complete

Download the zip file here

Extract the files and paste them onto C:\Users\YourUsername\PPSSPPDirectory\ppsspp\memstick\PSP\SAVEDATA\ULJS00186

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