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How to Flesh Out Plot and Scenes for VN?

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Cross-posting this from Lemma Soft.

I have a premise for my VN, as well as four endings planned. The problem is that I am unsure on how to flesh out the premise to have a proper plot the player can follow, other than a vague notion of what the plot is going to cover. In other words, I am unsure of how to construct scenes and events stringing together the plot. The VN has everything else, such as characters with backstories and even a planned points system for the choices.

For context, the main plot is about two women in a small town who end up in a secret and troubled romantic relationship. The subplot that carries the structure of the story is that a family who runs a church is looking to expand their social reach at any costs necessary. The antagonist wants to achieve this by having the love interest to marry the son of any of the town’s economic head figures for bigger social reach. Meanwhile, the love interest wants to keep her role in her the church, instead being forced to quit her job and become a housewife. For the main plot, both the protagonist and the love interest want to have a relationship that works out, but they have some unresolved issues with key figures in their separate pasts that keep this from happening in a healthy manner.

I know the general structure of plots, such as the Hero's Journey or the classic Three-Act Structure, but I am very unsure on how to create an actual plot. How would I go about forming key scenes that form this storyline?

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