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Violet Hill (DEMO released)

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(The moment where the post on the Violet Hill thread reminds you that you have to make your own update on your own thread...)

Nice to see that your team is getting more and more members! :D

I just realized that the last time I actually checked your demo was nearly 1 year ago, (November I think?) I should probably give a try to the latest version.

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@Diamon, we'll have a new common route demo relatively soon, so I'd recommend just waiting for that one :P

*hype hype*


Of course, there's always a careful choice of words to consider. For instance, "soon" relatively to the time it takes for the Solar System to rotate around the centre of the Milky Way would only be about a couple million years.

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*hype hype*


Of course, there's always a careful choice of words to consider. For instance, "soon" relatively to the time it takes for the Solar System to rotate around the centre of the Milky Way would only be about a couple million years.


Tiags-chan! :P Did you think we would leave you out of the loop? Here's a hint: October soon.

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-November Update-


Hello guys! How are you doing? We're doing just fine..err..more or less actually.

We're still alive and kicking despite appearances, however there's some good news and bad news to announce.

The good news? The project is very much alive and we're doing our best to complete it ASAP. The bad news....

...is that we were back to the drawing board with the script. That's right, for reasons yet unspecified Alex_Omega

has left the team and we were left without a DEMO script and without anything to replace it. Fortunately we managed

to create a solid and consistent framework which will help us in the future once we find a new writer. It's sad and yeah,

it's frustrating but all we can do is chin up and keep doing our best. For now, do know that we're in search of talented

writers! and we'd very much love to have you if you're interested! So don't hesistate to post below or PM anyone from

the team. I'll also post the pro forma below for those interested :)

As for our current status, we have more assets and are still actively working in what can be done for now. We can no

longer give you guys an ETA for the DEMO due to these circumstances but we assure you we'll do our best to have it ready

as soon as possible.


Kind regards: Red Lattice Studio team.



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That sucks :s
Though I'm kinda intrigued as for why you couldn't keep any of the script he had already completed? (if he has completed any, that is)

As a piece of advice, I'd recommend you trying to search writers on fanfiction.net, especially on the anime fandom (Steins;Gate / Fate being the most prolific). I'm doubtful it will help you to recruit on Fuwa (or even Lemma). Sure you might find skilled writers, but the issue is more on the commitment side, people on fanfiction are generally used to writing regularly for a long period of time, and they actually get feedback on their work to improve. themselves. But that often comes at the cost of recruiting someone that might not be familiar with Visual Novel narration / scripting / tropes, etc. Your project is really well done, and a lot of attention has been given to the details, so even people not familiar with the medium would be excited to participate in a project like yours.


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Hello everyone!
Yup, we're alive. 
To cut a long story short, we had a share of difficulties with our script, real life and time zones. Which of course is nothing new.
We have no excuse and we sincerely apologise for the delay. While we are currently doing our very best to get the demo out ASAP
there's no estimated ETA yet but we'll keep you guys updated, tentative release date would be early this year.

Without further ado we leave you with the first update of the year and the changelog (Indeed, we changed a boatload of things)
As you have probably noticed if you checked our main page post, well....there's plenty of changes made to both plot and setting.
From character names to location and framework, Violet Hill underwent a massive overhaul.
The changes are as follows:

--Changelog for Violet Hill v5.0--

- Names and nicknames - Character names have been updated accordingly; some have remained similar or unchanged, most have been changed entirely.
- Lore - all manner of worldbuilding will be adjusted to match the new location of the story.
- Location - Now in Oxfordshire England ~60-100k people in the large town/small city, mainly British in inspiration.
- Backstory - Sarah and Kaylee have been changed (esp. Sarah); some changes to Andrea
- Landmark names - Landmarks have been changed accordingly with the exception of the Wakamoto express which will stand true to its homage *salute*.
- School system - British system; think about A-levels
- School events - Mostly the same; adapted to fit with culture.
- Schedules and habits - Changing them to reflect the new location.
- Mindstorm- Some changes.
- Route framework- Pretty much the same.
- Mindstorm info - Unchanged save for mythology adjustments on the sci-fan end; sci-fi remains the same
- Clothing - Unchanged, uniforms will remain the same also as well as any fanservice resulting in their use.
- Flag events - In discussion. Possibly 1 or 2 flags to keep narrative consistent.
- Exploration segments - Unchanged mostly
- House combing  - Still thinking about how we insert this.
- Nighttime events - Mostly moved to later development.
- Geotags - Overhauled to match the new location and lore.
- Audio logs - overhauled to match changes. Need to think about distribution.
- Art club - Changed in how it’s made and its cultural side, but quite similar.
- Club events - Changed to reflect new school system.
- Romance and lovey dovey stuff- Almost completely unchanged. May include a couple of British cultural references tho.

That's all for the moment, we'll keep you guys updated.
It might be abit late but: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016! 
Many thanks for your support! It means the world to us!!

Kind regards, Red Lattice Studio Team.

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