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2013's girl of the year open poll


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Its been a good year in anime. Lets close it off with a poll
An open poll, to be exact.
The rules are simple. Any 2d girl who's anime premiered within the winter 2012/13 to fall 2013 seasons. Shows which premiered prior to, and continued into winter 2012/13 do not count (sorry cardfight fans, hunter x hunter fans, naruto fans, one piece fans and hajime no ippo fans)
During the preliminary voting period (now till the 28th) everyone fets four votes. You may allocate yoyr votes as you please.
After the preliminary voting, we will hold a proper poll with the castly narrowed-down feild. And from there, we'll have our winner.
Any questions commente on concerns, feel free to ask.
Happy voting everyone!!!!

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Well seeing as how I've only really watched 1 anime that began airing this year - Kyoukai no Kanata(which I'm also way behind on), my answer should be obvious.

Kyoukai no Kanata best girl:


1 vote for Ai Shindou


Since we can do Little Busters, I'm simply obliged to give 3 votes to Kud, but I'd feel bad for Ai so I'll let her keep 1 vote :P

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Good question. Well, the prior to 2013 rule was meant to eliminate "endless" shows like the onee listed. It certainly wasnt my intention to bar shows like monogatari, infinite stratos, fate/ hallow ataraxia or little busters.

So can I vote for Shinobu for example? (Because it's not like it's my favorite character of all time or anything)

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Hasn't winter 2013 not yet started?  Seems weird to have the cutoff be in the future.

Indeed, but we have only 11 days of winter at the end of the year, so the upcoming winter season is considered part of the 2014 instead.

Like this: http://i4.minus.com/iEGQjOD6GZE9s.jpg

And here is what we will come out on the few days we still have of this year: MAL


Now as for my votes in no special order:

1. Illya - Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya


Sorry... I had to post this one...

2. Matoi Ryuuko - Kill la Kill


Because based Trigger.

3. Kuroki Tomoko aka Mokocchi - Watamote


Because she IS best girl.

And my last vote and probably only one she will receive

4. Lambda-11 (λ-11) - BlazBlue: Alter Memory


... :_;

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