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So, do you need some "Ah! It'so Big and Tasty..." 18+

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Salute guys, we need some tips from experienced VN readers.


  In short, quite a lot of questions arose in my work when working with sex scenes. Of course, I won’t immediately load you with them, but something still bothers me and editors for a wile, even after we made inquiries and used personal experience. Therefore, I decided to contact you, to ask you directly, so to speak, about the morals of the people and What Do You Prefer.



  The main question goes like this. How important is voice acting in sex scenes and constant lines for you?
  The fact is that 90% of the VN in my personal memory constantly shouted “AH! OH! I’m all flowing! How big and tasty! Slurp-champ! Smack-smack!” You know what I mean don't you?

  So, in all this sound anarchy, the idea arose that such scenes would more likely satisfy teenagers who want to play with their hands in their pants, while an adult would be more interested in content with a minimum, or even no lines from the Hero or Heroine.

  The problem is that at the moment our sex scenes are being written for an adult audience, and although we already have voice acting for all sorts of “Ah - oh - Sneeze - Puff”, they will either be used or not. In other words, there are completely silent scenes, which I'm afraid may spoil the popularity of the novel. And the impression of players who love such things more than the content in the sex scenes... or something like that.

  I hope I explained it clearly, but if there is anything I'm open to questions. And thank you in advance!


Here are a couple of options if it’s hard for you to decide, but I’ll be glad to have a detailed comment with yr opinion as well)

- I prefer voiced hentai scenes with a lot of lines

- For me, content is more important than lines and sounds

- I like scenes where moans and screams are not so pronounced

- I love any hentai scenes

Also... just waned to put it here for some reason ^^
- I love hentai scenes IF they have some choices in them or before them

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