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Looking for a vn with a friendship phase


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Hi, I'm looking for a vn where the relationship with the heroines does not look like the following:
1 week - first meeting
2nd week - we have sex
3rd week - we are planning a family

Exclude childhood friends

I prefer a longer approach, where you can see the progress of the relationship. 

For example, in Momoiro Closet -


where at least a few weeks pass before they actually start dating

or in Inochi no Spare -


the characters knew each other for a year before they actually started dating


I gave examples of vn with only one heroine, but of course there can be more than one
Only translated vn
Longer - preferably over 12 hours to 999h XD

I prefer a more modern setting and without magical elements - something like in clannad is acceptable

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Well Hoshiori may be fit, although it only has two months though, so if you prefer longer one then perhaps you can try Ginharu with the relationship start from middle school all the way up to 20's. I know that both examples have childhood friend heroines, but at least it didn't have the casts plan a family after three weeks. Oh yes, you can also try Summer Pocket with none of the heroines are childhood friend, although it didn't as lengthy as two earlier examples though. Lastly I don't know if you're already played those VNs or not, but I hope my recommendations here will be helpful to you.

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I am currently planning the first two mentioned above. I'm especially waiting for the full Ginharu patch to be released.
So you confirmed my choice :D
As for childhood friends, they can be, I meant that in such a case the relationship is already very developed. It was more about the newly met heroines, where you can actually see progress in their relationship.

If anyone has any other vn, please feel free to share it :D

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Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi no- I recommend this one (Shino, Tonoko, Miyabi routes) because the relationships develop slowly in stages.  In particular, Tonoko's route is the one I recommend for what you desire.

Komorebi no Nostalgica- I recommend this one because the characters are all friends at the beginning.  They've known each other and been close for years, so there is no unnaturally fast part to the relationship.

I might think of more later, but games where most of the paths have a solid friendship stage and no fantasy elements are pretty rare...  the writers for ones with fantasy elements are generally several levels better than the ones who just write standard romance.

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33 minutes ago, kenem said:

thanks, but the first one has no full translation and the second one has no translation at all

The important routes are translated in the former case.  The two untranslated routes were left that way because they aren't worth reading.

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