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(Eushully) VNs on M1 Mac/Windows ARM

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Hey all, 

couldn't find any related posts so I'm randomly this now. Hopefully someone knows sth that could help me.


I haven't played VNs in a while and just decided to give the new Eushully game's trial a try.

My system is an M1 Max MacBook Pro and I'm running Windows 11 (ARM)  through VMware Fusion.

That means that my system has to run any x86 programs through emulation.

I installed the trial without problems using locale emulation instead of changing system locale (this has always worked so far including this time)

When I try to start the game I get an empty error message




I suspect that this has more to do with the fact that I'm trying to run the Age.exe on an ARM system rather than this being a Virtual Machine because a lot of programs work very well.

I've also heard from other users that other VNs run fine on their M1 Virtual Machines. Soooo, does anyone have experience with Eushully Games on ARM and how I might solve this?


Best regards :)


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That is a really obscure configuration, so obscure that I cannot test it myself. The only advice I would give is that locale emulators do not work at all for Eushully games from my experience. Did you try changing the locale to Japan-Japanese?

Locale emulators are fine for almost all cases, but there are always some odd programs that require the locale itself changed. Changing the locale does not change the display language.

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