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Looking for a specific character design


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Recommend me characters that from your point of view can be similar. I'm specifically interested in facial features and proportions in a narrow sense. In a broader scope, I could say I'm looking for characters with similar visual vibes...

From my point of view, the sprite I gave above could be similar to roughly these facial variations:
In general, identifying anatomical features at the word level is an extremely difficult thing, so I thought I'd just give some additional examples for clarity. I think it should be obvious that there is some basic similarity, if you understand what exactly it is at the level of shape and anatomy, I'd be glad to read it.

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Well, I'll try to specify my request: any characters that can have one or more anatomical features of the original, for example, a similar shape of eyebrows, forehead, face in general, will do. Similar style. Something one thing or all at once.
My example as a starting point:
Do you think there is a visual similarity or not?

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