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I can't open a Visual Novel called My Girlfriend is the President. (SOLVED)

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Hello Fuwanovel! I want to ask if anybody knows how to fix my problem. I can't seem to open My Girlfriend is the President on my Windows 8 Laptop. I always get this message when I click the exe file, "Authentication failed: unrecognized kernel32 module. / NM." I know this was originally supposed to run on Windows 7. All of my other VN's work fine such as Sono Hanabira. Does it mean it's not compatible with my laptop? I really want to play this VN again. Here are the specs for it.


Scenario Oranoshita Hajime, Miyazou, TokinoArtNimura Yuuji, Hisatake, Aona Masao

Supported OS Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

System Specs 2 GB HD space, 128 MB Memory,
Pentium 4 or higher processor recommended,
DirectX compatible graphics and sound card.

Media1 DVD-ROM

Minimum Resolution 800x600

Music Format OggVorbis

All characters Voices fully voiced except the protagonist.


Does anybody know how to fix this?

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Pre-emptive Info Post : Windows 8 and Kirikiri EngineIt's fairly common knowledge by now that Windows 8 breaks some customized Kirikiri Engine games (you'll know you have one if your game uses .xp3 files) that uses legacy calls to Windows libraries pretty badly. It will say : Authentication failed - Unrecognized Win32 Module. And it will not start. No matter what. If you're in luck, the company would have a patch for this released. If they'd folded or gone quiet already, well, there's not much hope of thatI haven't checked if there are Kirikiri Engine BL games that don't work in Windows 8, but if you run into one and there's no patch----use this : http://resemblances.click3.org/?p=1406

Download Win8WOH.zip, copy version.dll into your game folder, you're set. I've tried it on some otome and eroge that didn't work before, it does what it's supposed to do. Though it's not guaranteed to help *everything*.

I don't know if this info will ever become necessary, but I'm putting this here, just in case. 


Not sure it works but seem to have worked for others. 

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I know it is a little late but would someone mind going in to deeper detail on how to use the win8oh.zip thing i can not get it to work for some reason i know it says it doesn't work on everything so if it helps the game is dracu riot 

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You could also use the Windows 8 compatibility patch for my Girlfriend is the president found on JAST USA official game patches website. It works for both Windows 8 and 10 too!

It's quite strange why's only happening with the first game, the fandisc seems to be working just fine on both Windows 8 and 10 without any issues unlike the first game...


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On 8/13/2016 at 3:21 AM, Kiriririri said:

Did you read the thread???

Put the file inside http://wordpress.click3.org/garakuta/Win8WOH.zip into your game folder and you are done.


Apparently, this is not foolproof, at least on Win 10 x64.  Before (and after) installing the official Win 8 patch I received the "Authentication failed" error.  After adding version.dll (the "file inside of Win8WOH.zip - there are several, including the source to the .dll) I receive a new error: "Invalid plug-in configuration."

Any other ideas?

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