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I want to try the visual novel reader and try translate game, since I'm bored right now, but I'm not sure whish game i shall translate or whish game so Would be easy for me to translate, since I'm begnning to translate game and use visual novel reader,

So whish somebody can give me link for visual novel reader and the tutorial for it Would i be very happy.

And whish somebody can give me suggestion for game i shall try to translate with Visual novel reader, Would i be very happy for that to

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Well, if you want suggestions of untranslated VNs from some criteria like genre, length and language difficulty try make a post in Clephas' custom recommend a VN thread


If you want to dig into full length VN:s I would personally like these to be translated, to spread these masterworks:

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Heres faw ideas about VNs that I think should be translated since you don't know wath would you translate.  You would totally made my day if you would choose to translate one of them :D .


Devils Devel Concept - http://vndb.org/v1308

Bloody Rondo - http://vndb.org/v5349

Koiseyo!! Imouto Banchou - http://vndb.org/v11433

Onii-chan Sharing - http://vndb.org/v12598

Imouto Style - http://vndb.org/v7066

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Anyone using VNR to read in Japanese with furigana?

I remember using it a while back (like 2 months maybe) and I was able to click a specific word and look up only that word, but I don't see that option anymore for some reason and I have to ctrl+c and ctrl+v into jisho or something to get all the word meanings of that kanji.

Which makes it very uncomfortable, it used to be 1 click.


Anyone knows how to enable the 1 click dictionary definition?

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Hi Steve!

  • You have to have some kind of dictionary installed, in Preferences->Downloads->Dictionaries pick one or several and install


  • You have to activate them in Preferences->Translations under "Preferred Japanese phrase dictionaries"



And you get bubbles with definitions like this if you click the word



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I mostly use VNR as reference for kanji-compunds I don't recognise, for that VNR works superb.


If you want machine translation you have that in VNR (both offline and online), if you want phrase book you have to click the word to get that, same as in translator aggregator.


I know VNR is a little heavy but it's fully backwards compatible with ITH and in that way agth. You can set /h codes by yourself, but you in most cases won't have to as someone else has set the VN up with correct /h code. The only thing I miss in translation aggregator is the user dictionary feature, but the full screen possibility outweighs this for me.


This is of course my opinion, and I know it's unavoidable in bigger tools like VNR that some functionality will be harder to find.

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However when I enable it, it translates it on mouse over, how do I switch it to be mouse click only?


I investigated this with trial and error and found out you do like this:


Select Option and check that "popup when hoover" is unselected.


Adios, and may the lolis be with you!

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If there is a demand for it, I can put up a guide how to find out /h codes and apply them in VNR. With this method I haven't seen a single VN fail in VNR that works under ith. I'll perhaps also link/cover how to use a debugger for the most hard-core cases.


Just post or like and I'll start to write one.

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About the VNR... when I use furigana set to romanji it translates wrongly? for examply my Chotto = tyoto  my  は(wa becomes ha) and ga becomes ka   か.  any ideas on how to fix this?


Hmm, perhaps it uses another romanization. Hepburn system is not the only valid one, this sounds like a case of Nihon-shiki an older one still in use.


It's more regular that is たちつてと becomes ta ti tu te to and there are no collisions like in Hepburn. じ becomes zi and ぢ di. This on the cost of less degree of "it's pronounced as it's written".


So this is not a bug, I'll investigate how to change romanization-method in VNR

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About the VNR... when I use furigana set to romanji it translates wrongly? for examply my Chotto = tyoto  my  は(wa becomes ha) and ga becomes ka   か.  any ideas on how to fix this?


Its not wrong, roomaji may vary.


た = TA

ち = CHI or TI

ちょ = CHO or TYO

は = write HA, but when particle pronounced WA


Exemple /\

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Seems when you use EDICT as preferred dictionary and preferred Japanese furigana characters to Romaji you get Nihon-shiki style romanization.


I just checked it, I don't think you're able to change that  :(. I use to Hiragana, and I think most people using VNR to get a kanji-free experience not just one of the online machine-translations can read hiragana since you need to know a great deal of vocabulary. However that's not an excuse why VNR shouldn't allow you to change the Romanization method.

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