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How to save game in Suzukuri Karin chan

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Did you make sure to change the installation folder to one outside of 'program files'?  If you didn't, it likely isn't saving properly because the save data folder is in the same location.  Try starting the game on admin, and if that doesn't work move the installation outside of either of the 'program files' folders (if that is the problem).  This is a problem that pops up a lot in JVNs where the default save folder is in the installation folder.

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Well the problem is simpler than what mod Clephas assume, and the reason is because Suzukuri Karin-chan is created by Softhouse Chara. It's more notable than it sounds, because they would never add the Save button in the narration and only add the button in the gameplay section, so if the OP still confused with it then just keep playing until the gameplay section in which we finally can save the game for the first time.

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