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Help Me Name Our Role Play


What Should We Name This RP?  

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  1. 1. What Should We Name This RP?

    • Still Alive (Contributed by: Naomi)
    • Not Dead Yet (Contributed by: Nayleen + Naomi)
    • (A) Discordant Melody (Contributed by: Zakabaka)
    • Hollow Notes (Contributed by: Tay)
    • Hollow Beats (Contributed by: Tay + Naomi)

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Hey guys, so, I'm here with some news on that role play I talked about here.  As it turns out, we're going to have to make a separate website for it.  I can't give you too much details on what it will be about or that stuff yet--gotta have some surprises ;)--but I can tell you that the role play's story will be tentatively based off of the concepts from:




This will be in celebration of the visual novel release of the hit Anime series.  You should be expecting a full post on what I'll be doing soon enough--dunno when that'll be  :ph34r:


I do have one single thing I want you all to do to help me make this site as amazing as possible, I want it to have an amazing name.  I have a few ideas, but I want you all, those who are interested in participating, to help me come up with the best name ever!  It can be funny, lighthearted, or more deep; anything~! (Though, TBH, I'd prefer a serious and deep name, a silly one is o....it's o-k-kay...with me :wacko: --you'll just have to talk me into it yo)  The best name, as decided by me, will be the permanent name for the role play.  Good luck, and may the Yui be ever in your favor  ;)


The first name I thought of was: Still Alive

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Fuwangel Beats? Fuwa Beats? Girls Dead Fuwa? Fuwafterlife Battlefront?

I'm not good with names >.>


+1 like for the creative contributions~!  Though it'll be heavily affiliated with Fuwanovel, it's not an official Fuwnovel thing, so naming it after Fuwanovel miiiiight not be a good idea, but I love those names  :wub:

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General ideas, related to AB:

Second Chances

New Beginnings

Angel('s/ic) Restoration


Related to death/afterlife:

Overtaking Purgatory

Death Conquest

Limbo Ascendancy


Super cheesy / references:

Not Dead.. Yet!

(Death Is) Just The Beginning

No Angel's Land


Add "Academy" to some of them - like "New Beginnings Academy" for longer title or relation to the school setting, or translate to JP for maximum weeaboo-lity.

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Crescendo- Beats of Heaven


Symphony of Samsara (Illusional Reality, it's supposedly where all of the Buddhist heavens are located)


Yama's Diamond (An Hindu god of death and a ruler of the underworld of sorts)


Ayakashi's Momento- Paradise of Death (Ayakashi is a term for supernatural being of sorts, kinda like youkai)


Saigyou's Dream (an ancient Buddhist poet who often sung of his love of cherry blossoms and his desire to die beneath flowers.)


Paraiso- Makai Painted White (Paraiso means Heaven, Makai means Demon World.... Well, if it's written like this, at least:魔界, Otheriwse it means beach/ocean in Hawaiian)


This is it for now. I'll say some more things once I think of them.

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The Long March Toward Yuriness


...ok, serious...


I've never watched angel beats, and I won't - saving myself for the vn and stuffs. Given that, might not participate in this if it gets too AB'y. Ah wells.


time to throw shit out


A Dream In The Nightmare

Nightmares In The Dream

//depends on just how dark it is


//music stuff

A Discordant Melody

A Piercing Aria

Symphonic Soul //plx, symphonic rain, plx, totes reailstic



Failure #5

The Ones We Love

Healing What Is Broken

That Which Is Ours


for the lulz:

A Diamond In The Fluff

A Floaty Sensation

Walking On Air

Barbed Fluff

The Second Fuwapocalypse (because reasons)

The Fuwa Experiment

The Fluffy Bunch

Fluff And Tumble

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I can tell you that the role play's story will be tentatively based off of the concepts from [Angel Beats]

You've probably answered this before (I haven't had a chance to go read the other thread in full, etc.), but I wanted to check: when you say "based off of the concepts from AB" do you mean it'll take place in that universe, or will the setting bear similarities to the AB setting?  Depending on how closely you'll keep to AB the RP site's name could play off of it.


Otherwise, if it's thematically/structurally just similar, here are a few that flirt with the original material, but are more vague:

  • Hollow Notes
  • Harmonious Dissonance
  • Naomi's Excellent Adventure
  • Eternal Chords
  • Mapo Tofu Aer
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