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Krkr - Is it encryption, decoding? Stuck in final steps to obtain scripts.

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I've been trying to obtain the game lines for a rycanthropy game.

As it is a Krkr2 game, with no external XP3, I've used krkr_sm.exe to detach the XP3 file.

Anyway, I've succeded in extracting the file from the exe.

Now, I've tried extracting the files with

  • Crass
  • KrkrExtract.lite
  • Xp3viewer
  • p3-extract
  • arc_unpacker
  • Garbr0 (partially, as I can view the file list but not access them, for I don't understand the encryption methods.)
  • Translator++ (latest)


All of them extract it, fine, I guess, I simple files correctly, and most of them shredded. The .ks files are all obfuscated.

[jump storage='0d747156-fe71-454d-b780-f98193869f16.ks' target=*16c747af-a4ba-434e-b424-4628269688c7 ]
[ slit storage=904777e4-4a7f-4ca5-a9cf-19f41dd611d5 ]
[ slit storage=782f9f20-74e0-48f3-a709-6615e9fd1b88 ]
[ slit storage=1ee9f859-2433-4d76-af59-29f8bd386ee5 ]
[ slit storage=2c285624-9b3f-43fc-bf6f-219fc0feb357 ]

I mean, images and CG are shredded, but I couldn't caree less, because I'm not thinking of translating those, really.

The thing is: no text is contained in the .ks files. Or at least not in kanji, I as would've expected.

Most of them are either obfuscated or have been parsed to be in numbers and Os.

Has this kind of case been documented before? I mean, it seems to be Octal. But I didn't find any kind of string here, (maybe I did it wrong [can't really tell]).

I investigated a bit. And it seems this game has integrated DLLs that encode? Maybe?


I tried also dumping it with SacanaWrapper... but maybe I also did that wrong? because dumping my ks files did nothing. lol.

So, I need a little bit of help.

I'm not an expert, but I can handle myself a bit in programming now. But I need more opinions as to what should I do next. Because, again, if I were to decode it and then translate it.... how would the repacking go, if it mean changing the original format.

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