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which Android app do you use to read manga

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Hello i have used perfect veiwer and Mango to read and download my manga for a while now but perfect vewier is starting to be to heavy for my old phone and so much changes which makes me change app so do you have any recomendations on which att to use

it only needs to change folder automatically and be relatively smooth in the img scrolling

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I had no clue there were apps specifically for this.

I mostly use a regular pdf reader and download manga/LN in .pdf format

It's smooth enough on my tablet at least

But by searching manga in the playstore these 2 got me interested:

Manga Reader

Manga Plus Reader


I might try them out and give some personal feedback later, both allow you to import from your computer to your mobile device and read manga offline or they both have their own online library.

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they both seems like crap to me but i have decided to use an old version off Perfect veiwer and maybe this app when it get's go to next folder automaticly 


and use mango 
to download it works perfectly well to read at aswell but there is no img smooth filter and a rather statik veiwer which i dont really like so i use perfect veiwer instead which is made for displaying manga

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I used to use mango, but it went off the play store. Now I use My Manga Reader Free.


Mango is still perfectly fine to use just to let you know even if it's not on the play store (it was a restriction off porn content which took it off


I used to read manga at school with my Kindle Fire almost everyday. I used Manga Reader and it worked almost perfectly. Too bad you can't really browse any mangas and have to search for a specific series.


does not seem up to my standards and i already have mango for downloading i just want the IMG viewer 

and a little pro tip don't read borderline manga in class you vill get some strange looks (but in my case does nobody care after)

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Gonna bump this because I need a new manga reader app  (for android) and want to hear your voices, people! (Sorry for also bumping the more general version of this thread in the other section, should have remembered to do this one instead)

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