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*1 week later*


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Greetings and salutations, everyone. I'm still a newbie when it comes to VNs (only started playing them a couple of months ago) so i hope i can learn a bit more about them here with walkthroughs, tips and suggestions (this might also be the first forum i join but i can't tell for sure, my memory is awful).


Favourite VNs: Fate/Stay Night, Grisaia No Kajitsu and G Senjou No Maou (just finished playing it... damn, that ending)


Stuff to avoid: Tsukihime (still recovering from it... oh no, it's all coming back now D:), Saya No Uta (NOOOOOOOOOOOPE, effing NOPE), pretty much everything horror based (i like to be able to sleep at night)


Next on the list: Phantom Inferno, Sharin No Kuni and Cross Channel


About manga and anime, gotta mention BECK, Ode to Kirihito and One Piece.


And that's pretty much it... i think? *suspense*








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Welcome to the forums, now that you've finally joined your soul is no longer yours.

Enjoy your stay~


I don't mind being a hollow, there ya go *throws soul away* Pretty cool finding another portuguese fellow around here.




Welcome to the forums! I also avoid horror, or things too gory, or rape, or NTR, or... Well, you get it (?) enjoy your stay and have fun!



Thanks. Yeah, i usually try to avoid that... only to be betrayed by my foul sense of curiosity. Godamnit, brain.


Yosh. I appreciate the welcoming and the suggestions, Higurashi No Naku Koro and Umineko will be done soon enough... still can't find the box, though. Welp, i'll just leave the soul around the place, someone will get it. Eventually. Probably. Maybe. ~hollow~ 

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