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Clover Memory's - ALcot last project


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I'm not sure if I missed it or even when that got announced, but (from VNDB) it seems ALcot announced their last project : Clover Memory's.

According to VNDB, it will be :

A project to celebrate 20th anniversary of ALcot also marked as ALcot's last project.
Crowdfunding starts on March 2024.

Another one on the departure.

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Honestly looking from how Alcot was suddenly stop making yearly releases after Shogun-sama fandisc, it's quite predictable they'll retire (Although I still feel bad about it for the obvious reason). Also from what I see somewhere, apparently the writer want to retire as well, so he decided to make Clover Memory's as his last project before retiring. Anyway, the link to it's Campfire in case you want to check the crowdfund, and the goal is to gather 36 million yen within May 31st later.

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