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solidbatman's New Years Giveaway Palooza!


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Better late than never right? After the incredible success of the Steins;Gate Limited Edition contest, I decided another one was in order. Sometimes my own generosity surprises even me. Anyway, lets get to it shall we. The prizes! This time, we will have a pool of prizes. The first place winner will get first choice at what prize they want. Second place will get second choice, and third place will get the third choice. 


The prizes are:


Steins;Gate Limited Edition




Yumina the Ethereal (Physical Copy)



ef: The First Tale



Donations are welcome! Just send me a PM. More prizes=more winners!


This contest will work very much in the same way the last one did. Each week will bring forth a new challenge. You will get points simply for taking part each week, but effort will be rewarded in the form of bonus points. This contest will run though January 11th, with the final challenge being issued on January 4th. Like last time, please put all non- entries in spoiler tags. Due to the costs of this particular contest, prizes will be given out a bit more slowly. So, lets get to it shall we?


Week One

Just post that you are entering the contest. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Posting within 48 hours will net you 5 points. Posting within 96 hours will net you 4 points, and anytime after will net you 2 points. 



Week 2

Now we begin proper. This will weed out some of you who don't have the drive that others have to win. Are you ready? No? Good. Lets do this.


Your challenge this week, is to draw a Christmas themed image using your favorite fictional character. All entries within 48 hours will receive 5 points. Within 96 hours, 3 points, and any time after 96 hours, 1 point. 5 Bonus Points if your image includes Hachikuji Mayoi. Favorite image will also receive 5 bonus points.  


Week 3

You all did well. Now we move on to the next phase of the contest. This time, a little bit of writing is in order. A perhaps, a little trickery. 


This weeks challenge: Write a Christmas (and December holiday actually) fanfiction using your favorite fictional character! If I have reason to believe you are not using your favorite fictional character, you will lose 5 points.  I have evidence  :ph34r: Posting within 48 hours is 5 points, 96 is 3 points, and anything after is 1 point.


​As for the bonuses, the best fanfiction will receive 5 bonus points, and a copy of World End Economica donated kindly by Silvachief 



Week Four

Welcome to week 4, also known as the daily challenge week! Each day, a new challenge will be posted. Each time you take part, you will gain 5 points. Challenges that have a bonus will be specified. Today is not a bonus day. 

​Today's challenge is to tell me your new years resolution! Also, stay tuned tomorrow for a very cool announcement I have! 5 points for posting within 24 hours. 0 points for anything after.


Day Two

Keeping it simple today. Mainly because I'm too tired to do the one I want to do today. What was I saying? Word search? No, thats not it. 


Tell me your fondest memory reading a visual novel. 5 points to all who enter within 24 hours. 0 for anything after. -1 points if you ask when the next points update happens. +0 if you dont ask. 


Day Three

Everything takes so much time. Tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll do my fun one. Or maybe the next day. When will I do it? Who knows. shcboomer knows. He won't tell. He really doesn't.


​What is the most irresponsible thing you have done? Keep it SFW. Same points as Day Two


Day Five

What happened to Day 4? 5 points for 24 hours. Points update tomorrow. Screw daily. 


Day Six

We all have seen bad shows now and again. What is the worst anime that you have ever seen? 5 points for 24 hours. I'm also a liar. Fight me. 


Day Seven

Hachikuji Mayoi best girl? 5 points for answering correctly. -5 for answering incorrectly. Look forward to the next challenge. Gonna be a fun one. 


Final Week

I'd love to extend this contest, but it's become clear I don't have the time to do so. Anyway, final week. I'll just update the points all at once at the end. So yeah, no clue who is in the lead. Should be fun. Challenge time.

Make your own nation! Where is your new found country located (no random islands, legit geographic locations only)? Design a flag, and pick a song for the national anthem. Then, give me a history of your new nation. When was it founded? Who were some notable figures in it's history, how was it founded, what are some notable laws? What form of government does your nation have? The more info you give me, the more likely I am to select you as the one lucky person who will get 10 bonus points. 5 points for doing this in 48 hours. 3 points for any time after 48 hours. 

Points Tally



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