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Nice to meat you


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I know, the Topic title is wrong^^" But I hope my humor won't be lost on you.


First of all, Nice to meet you :)

The name's Grimoire or whatever you like to call me xD


My real name is Marc and I'm from Germany. Hobbies are visual novels (duh!), RPGs and reading & writing fantasy novels.

I love comedy & fantasy VNs and my favourites are probably Majikoi and the Ikusa Megami series.


My first contact with visual novels was on a site I was too young for... XD  Imagine my joy when I found a text-heavy game between those pictures and flahsgames :lol:


Well that's enough about me. Feel free to ask me anything you like :D

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Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay here since you won't be able to see the sun again

No problem, since I would turn into stone if I ever dared to set a foot into the sun xD



Another German, yes! The invasion has begun!  ^_^


Welcome and enjoy your stay.

Didn't this kind of thing really backfire in some kind of war?

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Nice to meat you too! Hope I can sauce up your stay with some moe



Welcome to fuwanovel. I could use a grimoire or two.

In case you want VN suggestions, check out my "50 VNs" thread.


I hope you have fun here~

Nope, I'm not for private use :P

Your list is pretty good and I've read about 3/5 of them but there are some VNs I wouldn't put in MY top 50. But opinions... nobody has them anymore xD

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*Clephas takes the moe and comes back a few minutes later with a massive plate of hamburger and sausage* Welcome....

Oh great, hamoeburger! Thanks :)


Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay. :)And thanks for your soul!

The last part could prove a bit difficult... I've sold my soul too many times to know who has it now xD


Welcome to the forums. Where are all the German coming from? Get ready for a German invasion of fuwanovel.

All your base are belong to us!! xD It's mostly because there are no german forums about VNs. Me and some of my friends are trying to establish a german community, but it's not really working like we planned it^^"


....vvegetable to fuwanovel?

That's missing here :lol:  Now we only need some drinks (and the cute grils to serve them) and a fire xD

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