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Himawari no Kyoukai is a dificult VN to read in Japanese?


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So, I have around 2000 vocab, already finished cure dolly grammar guide with a good base, and now I am studying Imabi since the beggining. I am almost at the end of H2O -FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND- and could read it with almost no difficulty(Well, the VN is know to be fairly easy to be honest). Now I want Himawari no Kyoukai as my second VN because it interests me very much, but I would like to ask to people who already read it or have some friend who did so to say to me if it is too difficult. I already searched a little bit I saw a single person saying it is not difficult but I would like to make sure. If it is, I will give up and let it to another time


Since now, thank you for your attention. 

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I read it back in 2021, and I think it falls on the easier side language-wise. The only thing that threw me off sometimes were background male characters - they have no sprites and are unvoiced, so there were moments when I had to stop for a moment and check, if the line I'm currently reading is a dialogue or narration ;)

If you managed with H2O, I think it will be no problem.

I loved this VN, and wholeheartedly recommend it. However I didn't like the h-scenes in it, so I prefer the PS3 version. It features additional route, which IMO more than makes up for those meh sex scenes - but of course YMMV ;)



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Just start reading and don't look back. The fastest way to learn how to read is just read more. Your first 2(or x) VN's will always be difficult. Anki is just a support to make the learning process more manageable.


Just avoid Muramasa/Masada level works until you have finished at least 5 VN's or so. Then, you can try and challenge yourself anytime you feel ready.

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