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Your favourite type of monster?


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Well I was just curious as to what everyone's favourite type of monster(Creature, animal, etc) is, my own personal favourite is this little bugger from Ragnarok Online.




Isn't it just to die for? <3 Makes me all red with a smug little grin on my face

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Since people would probably immediately think I would say the energy drink (I was going to say at first...), I would have to go with the Barioth from the Monster Hunter series:


When I first fought a Barioth by myself in Monster Hunter 3 on the Wii, I was kinda going insane because of how fast that thing was compared to other monsters.  Also....it just looks incredible.


Or the Behemoths from the Final Fantasy franchise:


If there's ever a monster to represent the Final Fantasy franchise, nothing is as iconic as the Behemoth.  Towering, monstrous, ferocious, deadly, pant-staining terrifying.


And yes just for the hell of it:




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...Sorry. I just had to use that gag. But, moon rabbits are also very cute:





If it can't be moon rabbits, and I'm forced to pick a real "monster" probably this guy. Something about him just screams "cool". Putting it under spoilers for those who haven't played Persona 4, but still want to play it (and are miraculously unspoiled until today).



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