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Galactic Love Utopia (2D alien monster girl dating sim) [Upcoming]

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Galactic Love Utopia will be an alien/monster girl visual novel with some very simple dating sim elements (choose who to spend time with to narrow down the story to one specific main heroine or sleep around with several minor heroines).

The basic concept is that you are a fanfic writer kidnapped by aliens and taken to their base, which turns out to be a rich alien's writing resort of sorts. If you decide to stay you will be the only human on a huge space station filled with different aliens. Of course, many of these aliens happen to be sexy women.

I'm working with an artist for the sprites and CG and another one for the backgrounds. Most sprites and CG will be animated.

The plan is to include 12 heroines in total, 4 of them major heroines with their own story/route/endings and 8 minor heroines you can have quick sexual encounters with.

Currently the sprites for 3 of the minor heroines are finished.

The base's AI as a hologram you can get information or help from. The computer in your dorm has its own separate OS version of her.

An alien woman that closely resembles a human woman aside from her grayish skin tone and one -or maybe two- other thing(s)...

A dominant demon-like seductress who gets nourishment from your semen.

Development progress
The writing for the opening act is mostly done, but because all main heroines, most minor heroines, and most locations get introduced in the prologue it will take some time for the artists to finish all necessary artwork needed for the initial demo. My current intended release window for the first version is Q2 2024.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. If you want to follow progress you can do so on X at: https://twitter.com/Kaijoseisoft

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Logo for the new name:

New cafeteria background:

The first main heroine, a shy girl from an alien race whose skin color changes based on their emotions:

And the second main heroine, a woman from a gas-based alien race who uses a clear suit to mingle with the rest of the aliens in the space station:

We're also working on a map for selecting a location/heroine to visit:

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