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Kamidori Alchemy meister strange impossible to save message.

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Hello. I have changer PC and try to play Kamidori Alchemy Meister on my new computer.
I have set the system local to japan
i'm running the game as administrator
for strange reason when I have put my save folder on Appdata>local>Eushully the game don't detect any of the save. and when I try to make a new game and save, I have this message box in japaness (and i'm not able to read it...). did someone know what happened? thanks in advance.


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It's a pretty standard "failed to store save data" message. It also suggest to check if you have enough disk space and asks whether you want to keep the program open.

Maybe it's really a disk space issue, or the save folder is read-only, or the game can't access it for some reason, or your disk has some bad sectors, ...


Good luck.

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i have more than 300go of free space.
When I look in the property of the save folder it's in read only but when i turn off the "read only" it came back imediatly. (but the files inside the folder are all not in read only. and it fail to save even if I totaly delete the save folder to let Kamidori create a new one.)
so this is why i ask for help ^^'

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Does your old save files have the same update/dlc as the currently installed game? If not you may have corrupted the whole thing.

Try to delete the whole thing properly then reinstal it again without changing anything to the save files. If it does not work, try to download and instal Soukoku no Arterial and check if you have the same issue.

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OH MY GOD IT WORK NOW! thank you soooo much! even if I don't really understand what have changed from all those time I used it on admin. but at least it work now! you're a life saver! 

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