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Clannad (Steam Ver.) Error


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Hi. I'm from India and overwhelmed to find this site. I have a little problem and although I kind of solved it, I still have some questions. Will be helpful if someone can answer me.

So around two or three days ago I bought Clannad on Steam during the Winter Sale. I expected it to run smoothly as I previously checked out the game by downloading a pirated copy of the Steam (i.e. containing the SiglusEngine_Steam.exe file) long ago (idk why did I even buy it lol) but I couldn't run the game. It first says "only a part of readprocess memory was completed", then next time onwards it keeps saying "Application load error 3:0000065432" or Steam error 51. Although it is working fine on my Win10 desktop, it's not running on my Win11 laptop which I usually use. I searched on Google and tried everything I could (restarting, redownloading, reinstalling Steam, etc.) but in vain. 

When I almost lost hope, I remembered that I still had the pirated ver. with me. The file came with two folders, one called 'CLANNAD', the main game folder and one called 'Crack' where there was a copy of the SiglusEngine_Steam.exe file and three or four other files. Without any readme, I knew I was supposed to replace those files with those in the main game folder (in the Pirate version, ofc). Remembering that, I only took the SiglusEngine_Steam.exe file and replaced it with the one in the main Steam directory. Surprisingly or idk, it's working fine on my device now. 

  • Since I'm an absolute noob in gaming, can someone tell me what's wrong? Is the SiglusEngine_Steam.exe corrupt or something?
  • If so then why is it working without any issues on my Win10 desktop? (Do I need to show my configuration for both devices?)
  • Although it's working fine now, will it be any problem later on?
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