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Does the Quiz still work?

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For reference, I mean this quiz, which shows many different suggestions according to your tastes: https://fuwanovel.net/quiz/

I know it is still functional, what I'm asking is if it is still being fed with games and if it is usable. I believe it is a great feature Fuwa has that probably few people know about, and with the tons of new translations, both official [thanks Shiravune] and FTL, it's hard to keep track of games that'd be good reads for me. If possible, I'd love to have it working with the latest releases :3

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The current version is based on an original project which was once available under fuwanovel.se and was initially initiated by some Forums members (especially @Emi and @BunnyAdvocate), iirc. At some point, it was "integrated" into Fuwanovel.net, but in a really improvised way and thats still the case today. Unfortunately, its currently not really mobile-friendly, it has a few bugs and yes, as you realized, its game database is also quite outdated these days.

But as KosaKyun already mentioned, we work on a completely new version of it, which will address all these issues. But before we can release a new version of this quiz itself, we first want to have common base for some different features we currently plan for Fuwanovel.net. But once we have this base done, the quiz will be the first thing that will get a remake.


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