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The Ange Awards | Favorite Visual Novel Content Read in 2023!


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It's that time to talk about favorite media in 2023 is so may as well go in video form: Explaining what MY personal favorite visual novel content read in 2023 was, in the style of Video Game Awards Categories using a meme template.



If you want to make your own template, here is a empty version where you can fill out your own with the edited category names.



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I'm surprised that many of this year's best and biggest releases didn't make this list. I understand personal bias is at play, but when you have a nukige as the best VN of the year, I have to cry foul.

For example:

Best moe-ge/chara-ge: Clover's Day Plus

Best Chuuni-ge: Tokyo Necro

Other possible contenders that were not mentioned: Future Radio and Artificial Pigeons/Chaos;Head NOAH/Tamayura Mirai

I do agree with Kinkoi Golden Time and Kunado Chronicles, but I would be remiss not to mention the sheer number of VNs that arguably were better on every level and did not receive a mention.



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I can't contribute a lot because most of my year was spent reading the notoriously long White Album 2, the best girl being Touma, of course.

The biggest surprise for me is Mamiya. I already had some expectations for it being called a hidden gem, but I did not expect how much I'd enjoy it. One of the best VNs I've read overall.

Best support character is Sunohara, from Clannad, which I read for the second time.

Aside from WA2, my best girl was Olivia Berry, from Aojashin.

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